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Rosamar Hotels - Lloret de Mar

Guaranteed fun for young and old

At Rosamar Hotels, we organise recreational activities for both young and old. We have a wide variety of facilities and services for relaxation and fun: swimming pools, water park, children’s area, mini golf, spa & fitness centres, buffet, restaurants, WiFi, etc.

Dream holidays in Lloret de Mar

At Rosamar Hotels in Lloret de Mar, you will find everything you need for an idyllic holiday at the Costa Brava: beaches, sports, nature, swimming pools, shopping, gastronomy, leisure, wellness and relaxation, spa, children's entertainment, culture, excursions, etc. Do not miss our Hotels in Lloret de Mar
Rosamar Hotels Group

Welcome to Rosamar Hotels in Lloret

Enjoy your holidays in Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava) with Rosamar Hotels. Hotel Lloret de Mar. We have the essential facilities and services to ensure our guests relax and enjoy themselves, whether travelling as a family, with friends, with your partners or on your own. In Rosamar Hotels Lloret de Mar we offer accommodation in standard or sea view rooms or apartments. Our hotels include a children’s area, water park, swimming pools, mini golf, spa & wellness center, fitness center, restaurants, WiFi, etc, all in privileged surroundings: a step away from the beach in a quiet area of Lloret, while just a few minutes' walk from the town centre. Don't miss out on our deals!

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