Interview with Omar and Marta, the entertainers at Rosamar Hotels!

Interview with Omar and Marta, the entertainers at Rosamar Hotels!

18.09.2018 Rosamar Welt

Good morning Omar and Marta! First of all, let’s talk a little about you.

1) How long have you been working at Rosamar Hotels?

OMAR: Good morning! I consider myself a responsible, happy, positive and attentive person. I do not like be stare doing nothing! I always have to be in movement and in contact with people. How long have I been working here? This is my second season and I hope to come back to Rosamar Hotels next year!

MARTA: Hi! Well, I've always been an active person and in need to be on moving constantly. When Rosamar Hotels gave me the opportunity to work with them, I could not reject it because the hotel’s facilities gave me the possibility of performing a wide range of activities. So when I came this year I was happy to be back!

2) Could you tell us what your day consists of?

OMAR: Our job is to make families enjoy their vacations to the fullest! Always trying that they come back home with a big smile!

MARTA: Exactly! I think that people don’t see all the work we do. What people think is that the only thing we do is looking for people, do an activity with them and return, but the reality goes much further. Every morning we wake up with the responsibility to make our clients forget about their problems (or at least we try it) during their holidays, either listening to them, making them laugh or entertaining them.

3) What are your favourite entertaining activities?

OMAR: Favourite activities? All! I am responsible for the Mini Club and I’m in charge of planning all the activities. Those that I like most are: Face Paint, Crazy Game and Pool Games.

MARTA: Actually I like them all, but if I had to choose one, I would choose Aquagym since fitness is what I like the most.

4) What are your feelings now about Rosamar Hotels?

MARTA: Since we left last summer, we already wanted to come back! The good vibrations of last season were great, and as expected, the present one is also wonderful! Besides, everything is easier because we know the hotel better.

OMAR: Yes, and if everything continues as it is now, it will be very hard for us to leave the hotel once again!

5) Are there any changes or new things as compared to the previous season?

OMAR: This year there is a new entertainment team, but these girls are great. I like to share with my colleagues what I know about this job, to teach them the most beautiful side of entertaining.

MARTA: When a season begins, we always find new things. This year there is a new team and, therefore, different possibilities for activities. In addition, we have a new sport ground, where we carry out different activities for all ages. Oh! And we also have more variety in the Mini disco.

6) We receive a lot of opinions from parents who praise your work, saying that their children have had a great time during their stay thanks to you. Why do you think they say so?

OMAR: Children are very sincere. If parents ask them how it was at the Mini club, they’ll tell them if they enjoyed or not. I think that dealing with children, you have to be like one of them, know how to behave with them and have a lot of patience. You need to interact with a great smile and be their friend during their stay at the hotel. In my case, it is very easy, since I’m the person in charge of the Mini club and I am with them all the time, I get to know them and we create a close relationship. I can see how they and their parents like that, and me too.

MARTA: The smile of the children is what motivates us the most, and that is why we give them the most of us.

7) How do you rate the success of an activity? What do you rate?

OMAR: You know if an activity has success when the children participate and they have a good time. And if any child at any time does not want to participate in the scheduled activity, there is no problem, since we adapt it and include other activities.

MARTA: It is easy to know when an activity is a success, either by seeing the faces of the customers or when they tell you, thanking us for having spent some time in an activity or interactive show. Another way to know is living the moment, where you really feel the sensations of the people.

8) What do you like most about your work?

OMAR: I like everything, but one of the things that I like the most is to work with children. Without a doubt, the Mini club and Mini discos are the best of this work, since we enjoy a lot of dances and laughs.

MARTA: What I like the most is personal contact with the guest. I always try to do my best to make people feel comfortable in our hotels.

9) The children transmit joy and happiness, and with a smile they can make your day, isn’t it? Could you tell us what has led you to work with them?

OMAR: Children with a smile, make your day. They have the gift of making the problems disappear. They are pure innocence, they transmit what they have and they expect to receive the same from you.

MARTA: I would lie if I said that entertainers always have a perfect day. We also have bad days: we miss our relatives and friends, as Omar said, we can feel bad physically or mentally… These days are those when the child’s smile, their eyes full of happiness make all bad go away.  An adult can also achieve that, but a child’s innocence is more powerful.

10) And finally, do you consider that your work has become more than a job?
OMAR: Yes, because we also live in the hotel. I usually find the guests in town and I can talk with them in my spare time. Many end up turning even into friends, as they spend with you one, two and even three weeks of holidays at the hotel. They worry about you and your well being.
MARTA: The truth is that partly yes, since we spend many hours in the hotel, either in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, and we have limited free time. But I do not care, because doing this work we have the opportunity of meeting new people, different cultures and countries, and spend pleasant times with people with whom you feel comfortable.
Finally, I would only ask for one thing, and it is that people enjoy their work as much as the entertainers do.