Technology gadgets for travellers

Technology gadgets for travellers

17.01.2020 Rosamar Welt

According to the latest trends reports published, by 2020 more artificial intelligence-based applications will appear that will provide the user with tailor-made suggestions for destinations, accommodations or activities, based on current preferences and previous trips made.

60% of travellers want technology to surprise them with original options and personalized experiences during their journeys. A new mode of travel, which will allow people to save time when planning their getaways with the certainty that they will have at their disposal options aligned with their tastes and preferences.

This means that technology is important in every aspect of our lives, and leisure technology doesn’t stay behind.

That Netflix offers us proposals based on our tastes, that voice assistants help us with the little things of everyday life, does not mean anything else that smart (or non-smart) technology makes our lives more easier.

That is why in this new article of the Blog of Rosamar Hotels we propose a few gadgets that can pave the way when you are traveling. And not only that, but they will do so in a responsible and sustainable way.


The best technological gadgets for traveling

1. Powernap Audio Mask. If you are one of those who find it difficult to sleep out of home, you will fall in love! This mask isolates you from light and neutralizes 100% of the sound. Not only that, but it's connected to Breathonics, which teaches you how to control your breathing for easy relaxation.

2. Compressor bags. Need extra space in your suitcase? There you are! Pack your clothes in these bags and multiply the space. Watch out! Weight is not reduced, but you can save more than 50% capacity.

3. Hand steam iron. If you are not careful when packing, this iron will be your ideal travel companion. Small, compact and very light, you will have your clothes perfect in a flash.

4. Tile Mate. Getting out of routine is great, but it sometimes makes you forget where you leave things. With this device you won’t lose anything. Keep the Tile Mate in your wallet, camera or keys, and through its app you will know where you saved it by activating its sound.

5. Mini printer. Small as a mobile phone and weighing about 170g, you can take it anywhere to have your photos printed instantly. Download the free app, choose the photos you want, customize them, if you like, and you're done! What is a trip without photos? The HP Sprocket Mobile Printer, or the Polaroid Mint will be a good choice.

6. Portable speaker. If you are one of those who think that life with a good soundtrack is always better, this will be your favourite gadget. We recommend the lightest and most compact. And even better if they have a rope to hang them anywhere. Look for the ones with a microphone, which will allow you to take hands-free calls. Ideal, right? 

7. Evolve Eco-Friendly Towel. Made from 20 plastic bottles, this piece is not only environmentally friendly, but thanks to its sand-repellent design, you won't get a single grain of sand in the room. Made with EcoLite Microfiber fabric, it not only offers fast drying technology but also antimicrobial properties. What else could you ask for on a towel?

8. Bite Helper to soothe mosquito bites. That sounds impossible, right? Well the Bite Helper will relieve the itching by increasing the bloodstream of the affected area providing heat and vibration. Free of chemicals, it may end with all those pharmaceuticals products that we have been buying for years and that they have never worked properly!

9. Remote controled water lilo. The company Pool Candy has brought electric mobility to the aquatic environment. These inflatables include an engine below them so that you can drive them effortlessly. Practice the dolce far niente from the water!

10. Submarine thrusters. Press the trigger and let yourself be carried by the seabed with these widgets. Easy to use and with a range of 25 minutes, surely next summer they will be all over in beaches and pools!

11. Biometric padlock. For more relax in relation to your belongings, secure them with a fingerprint lock. Move other people’s hands away from your belongings and don't worry if you're traveling internationally or have to leave them in unguarded luggage rooms for a while.


Try these gadgets on your next trip to Rosamar Hotels

Whether you are fascinated by these widgets or you leave technology aside during your days of disconnection, Rosamar Hotels has everything for you to have a dream holiday on the Costa Brava.

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Come and find out about these and the other Rosamar establishments and make of your beach holidays a perfect time!