Tips to plan a family trip to Lloret de Mar

Tips to plan a family trip to Lloret de Mar

18.06.2019 Familienaktivitäten

We are about to open the summer season, and this means a lot of family holidays in our minds!

Holidays can be a special opportunity for all members of the family to get together, share activities in common, spend more time together... As well, for travelling and discovering a new part of the world together!

Sometimes, the idea of ​​planning a family trip may seem a bit chaotic. And even more, if it is the first time that we do it, isn’t it?

That’s why in this new article from Rosamar Hotels Blog we will give you the best tips so you can plan your holidays in the fastest and most hassle-free way! And which is most important, that you can enjoy your stay in Lloret de Mar! Both you and your family ;)

Tips for planning a family trip

1. Schedule the date

It is said that a thousand-mile-long journey begins with just one step. And choosing a date for a family holiday should be the first!

Summer is an ideal time for a family trip. In Lloret de Mar, for example, you will find many activities to do: go to the beach, walk along the paths surrounding the beach, participate in the entertainment activities of Rosamar Hotels...

Keeping in mind the ideal time of year for family vacations is important, but you should also take into account the approximate duration of the getaway, if all the members of the family have availability for those same dates as sometimes children can have programmed campus. You can also check if there is any festivity in Lloret that you may like (for example, the Saint John’s festivity in the evening of June 23rd).

2. Close a budget

It is clear that if you set a holiday budget in advance it will be easier to control most of the costs of the trip.

Any basic budget for a family trip should take into account the main expenses: accommodation for every day, transportation, meals for every day for all participants (what we expect to spend during the days that we will be outside), unforeseen expenses...

3. Book the hotel

Lloret de Mar is an ideal destination for a vacation with sun, beach, good atmosphere... And without a doubt, it is one of the liveliest cities on the Costa Brava!

For all these reasons, it is recommended to reserve the accommodation in Rosamar Hotels as soon as possible, as the rooms can be early fully booked in high season.

So after choosing a date for your family break, the next step is to book the accommodation.
Plan your vacations in advance, it always makes them better! (You can check the available offers of Rosamar Hotels here).

4. Pay attention to all the details

The simplest details can sometimes be the most complicated ones. And for this, when we organize a trip (and especially a family one), we have to take all its members into account ;)
Remember to have the DNI and passport of all family members updated, and make sure that the little ones have all the necessary documentation.

5. Do a brain storming for activities

What kind of activities could we all do together? Find a moment to gather all the family members, take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down all those plans that you can do together: a round trip, play at the multi-sports courts of the Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort or go down the slides, visit the Castle d’en Plaja or the Gardens of Santa Clotilde of Lloret de Mar, among other activities that you will find on Rosamar Hotels website!

This way you will also be able to book activities in advance.

6. Do not plan the day to day

Although it is important to know what activities you can do in Lloret de Mar, don’t pay much attention to daily planning. Leave space for improvisation, keep the mind open :)

You can plan one or two activities a day, but keep in mind that there may be factors that may affect such as: the weather, how your children feel that day...

Don’t forget to find a moment of rest between activities to load energy all together! You can also take a relaxing walk on the seafront of Lloret de Mar or, why not, having a delicious artisan ice cream at Cafe Ferretti Restaurant!

7. Save some time for your couple

We often plan our family holidays focused on children, but what about spending some time with your couple?

Our entertainment team organizes daily activities for the little ones, whom they will watch while you dedicate a special time for you! What do you think about having a relaxing massage at the Ebano Beauty Center at Hotel Rosamar & SPA?

8. Build memories with your family

Ask your children to keep everything that in a few years can be a souvenir of the trip: tickets of activities, restaurants, buses or public transport, or the All-Inclusive bracelet of Rosamar Hotels.

To recall those moments with your family, do not forget to take photos of them all! Give this responsibility to the most creative person of the group, and after some years you’ll still remember the experience that you lived together :)


What will you find at the Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort and at the Hotel Rosamar & SPA?

The two hotels of Rosamar Hotels most focused on family fun and relax are the Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort and the Hotel Rosamar & SPA.

At the Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort you will find more than 3,000m2 of gardens, an area with 4 pools and water slides, a sports area where you can practice fitness, basketball, mini-football, mini-golf... as well as an exceptional service for family entertainment!

At the Hotel Rosamar & SPA you can enjoy moments of rest in the spa area, where you can relax, but also attend the entertainment activities programmed during the day in a fantastic entertainment room for dance and music activities! In addition, you can refresh yourself in the 4 swimming pools available at the establishment and in the "Scivolo Bambini", the new children's pool.


We hope that all these tips to organize a family trip to Lloret de Mar can help you to have an unforgettable experience with your love ones! From Rosamar Hotels, we will love being part of these special moments :)