Tips to reduce daily stress and improve your self-esteem

Tips to reduce daily stress and improve your self-esteem

09.04.2020 Wohlbefinden

There has been a lot of talk about how society will change after the lockdown. As a society we have observed that the most basic values are essential to overcome difficult times: solidarity, empathy, respect, charity and love. But there is something more important, you. Remember that to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.

Our health is the cornerstone of our life, for this reason it is necessary that we spend a few minutes every day to check on our physical and mind state, few simple actions and practices that you can do at home. Here are some tips to pamper yourself day by day, relieve stress and improve self-esteem. Feel comfortable with yourself!


Relax and learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress

Stress is one of the worst pathologies of this century. We all know what causes us anxiety, however, not all of us know how to manage it. Funny how, when we are overwhelmed, we tend to get distracted by things that stress us even more, such as checking our phones.
Meditate few minutes every day can be a good solution for daily stress. Learning to meditate is not easy, we know that. We are so disconnected from our bodies that we have a hard time being present. So you can take advantage of these days at home to learn the technique well. Put on comfortable clothes, find a quiet space and meditate!


Be optimistic

Our mind is very powerful and keeping an optimistic attitude towards adversity can make a big difference in the results. Being positive does not mean that you have to be happy all the time, there are moments for everything. Optimism is attracting positive thoughts and avoiding the harmful ones that lead nowhere. Find out what puts you in a good mood: A song, a tv show, a book, sports, etc. Spend more time doing what you love!



People say it's impossible to feel sad while jumping... So jump, laugh and dance as much as you want! It seems that we forget that childhood joy for playing. Get that attitude back when exercising, enjoy every step and every emotion that arises. Do not exercise just to look better, also to connect with your body and have that beautiful feeling of freedom.

As adults we don’t have much time to do what we love, we spend so many hours working that we find it difficult to maintain a good exercise routine. That is why we encourage you to work out at home, with your children or alone. Exercising with your family can be very beneficial for everyone. At Rosamar Hotels we know that it is important for you to stay fit during your holidays, that's why our hotels in Lloret de Mar have a fitness center, sports area and fun leisure activities for families. Now you can work out from home with the YouTube channel that our entertainment team has created.



Feed and care about your body

We only have one body, take care of it. Feed your body with real food and stay away from ultra-processed foods. We can enjoy our food but also think about nutrients. We are what we eat. Take advantage of these days at home to learn new healthy recipes, with local and seasonal products. It will not only be a benefit for your health but also for the environment.


Give yourself with a relaxing experience

Take advantage of this extra time at home to pamper your senses; Put on some music, candles, aromatic oils or apply some natural product to your skin. It will be like having your own spa at home.

Treat yourself to a relaxing holidays in the Costa Brava. Start planning your holidays with Rosamar Hotels and soon you will enjoy our new Vitality Spa. Book now with the total security of knowing that, if our hotels are closed during the reservation period, the cancellation will be free.

We can't wait to spend unforgettable moments with you in Lloret de Mar. At Rosamar Hotels we want you to enjoy the beach again, to enjoy Costa Brava and summer with us. But for now, stay safe at home and take care of youself and your dear ones.