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10 must-visit attractions in Girona

10 must-visit attractions in Girona

18.03.2021 Family activities

Girona, is the capital of the north-eastern province of Catalonia. Is a small medieval town that attracts visitors for its picturesque houses, its romantic old quarter and its imposing Cathedral. If you are spending your holidays in Lloret de Mar, do not hesitate to visit Girona, you will only need one day to discover the essential places of this city. A perfect trip to enjoy during a family or a romantic vacation!

Keep reading, because we are going to show you 10 indispensable places if you are planning to visit Girona!


1. Onyar houses

From the Stone Bridge (Pont de Pedra) or the Eiffel Bridge (Pont de Ferro) you will be able to observe one of the most spectacular views of Girona: the houses on the river Onyar. This tourist attraction draws visitors due to its colourful houses that stand out above the river Onyar and which are crowned by the Girona Cathedral and San Félix church.


2. Rambla de la Llibertat

On the other side of the Onyar colourful houses, you will find the Rambla de la Llibertat, a street full of shops and restaurants built in the 13th century. Its old buildings stand out, such as the Norat house with its modernist façade, and its robust arches, an architecture that is very typical of medieval towns and cities.


3. Girona Cathedral

This was built between the 11th and 18th centuries. The Cathedral has been modified along the centuries, therefore, it has the peculiarity of having several very dominant architectural styles in Europe: Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic ... Its long staircase and its Gothic nave (the widest in the whole world) stands out above all. If you decide to visit it, we encourage you to count the steps, you will see that you and your group will have different opinions!


4. Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter (Call Jueu in Catalan) is one of the most emblematic areas located in the Old Town of Girona. It is known by its narrow streets and courtyards where you can see reflected the medieval essence. It is one of the best-preserved Jewish neighbourhoods in the world. One of the most interesting parts is the old synagogue that today houses the Jewish Museum of Girona.

The main street of the Jewish quarter is the Força Street, a very narrow and dark street that will guide you to the Cathedral.


5. Arab Baths

Another place you must visit in Girona are the Arab Baths, a 12th century Romanesque construction that stands out for its excellent conservation and beauty. These baths are very similar to the Roman and Muslim baths, hence their name. Inside of it you will discover: the changing rooms, the cold room, the warm room and the hot room among others.


6. City walls

This fortification surrounds the limits of the old medieval city. We recommend you visit it and lose yourself along its roads and hills.

You will find some towers along this walk that if you decide to visit them, you will observe the magnificent panoramic views of Girona.

Our recommendation is that you visit the wall and its towers at the end of your day, then you will be able to experience the best sunsets of this Catalan city.


7. Eiffel Bridge

One of the most typical photos of Girona is taken from the Peixateries Velles bridge, more popularly known as the Pont de Ferro, built in 1877 by Manuel Almeda and Gustave Eiffel. That is why its pieces are so similar from the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.


8. Ascent of Sant Domènec

One of the most hidden places in Girona is La pujada de Sant Domènec (ascent of Sant Domenec), a magical place that has been chosen on several occasions as a set for series and cinema. We recommend you visit its beautiful staircase and get lost in its alleys that will discover you the secret corners on the old town of Girona.


9. Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is a 12th century temple that, together with Sant Nicolau church, houses the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia. An essential monument in Girona if you want to discover one of the most important Romanesque ensembles in Catalonia.


10. Independence square

Are you one of those people who enjoy traveling so you can meet local people and its gastronomy? Then do not miss one of the main squares in the city. This square, known as Plaça Independència in Catalan, has the typical architecture of the Spanish porticoed lined squares, such as the Plaza Mayor in Madrid or the Plaza Real in Barcelona. This square sits on the edge of the Old Town and it is a great spot to stop for a coffee as it has lots of terraces and restaurants. Is the perfect place to rest after a tour around the main monuments of Girona.


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