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6 tips to protect and care for the environment

6 tips to protect and care for the environment

03.06.2021 Family activities

Next June 5th will be celebrated World Environment Day and it is important to well marked this date on your calendar. It serves to remind you the importance of the life on our planet and to make you aware of how important is to contribute to the environment protection.

This awareness must start from childhood, it means, it must be instilled in the little ones at home from an early age about the importance of caring for the environment. So taking advantage of the World Environment Day arrival, we share with you a list of 6 tips to protect and take care of our planet with the little ones at home.


1. Separate the waste

This action may already be integrated into your daily routine, but if is not the case, you should consider it and start recycling now. Teach your children the importance of separating waste according to its matter and put it in the different garbage cans.

Space doesn't matter, only feel like doing it! Distribute different containers to be able to separate well all the elements and teach your children what they should put inside each bucket.

A trick that will encourage your children to contribute to this action is to reward them with a small gift every time they separate the waste.


2. Play recycling

Not everything is garbage, sometimes things can be reused to create toys with waste. With that you will kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, you will reuse and give a second life to an object and on the other your children will have a new toy.

Reusing can be fun for your children and can help them develop their imagination. A milk carton can become a box to put the paintbrushes, an egg cup can be a crocodile and you can even create your own ukulele made of cardboard.

Next, we bring you a video with different proposals for toys made with recycled materials. Give things a second life!


3. Save water

Saving water is one of the basic actions to contribute to caring for the environment and it is one of the actions that you should instill in your children.

Turn off the tap while brushing teeth, take showers instead of baths and flush the toilet using the save water option. These small changes will be beneficial for the planet and will also help you reduce your water invoice.

It is important to include actions like this in the your day-to-day life at home since water is a very scarce asset that we must protect.


4. Reduce plastic

Another of the mandatory actions when recycling is to reduce plastic and your children and you can apply it on a daily basis

Avoid buying water bottles and instead use canteens, eliminate plastic straws and do not buy packaged juices.

Are you tired of filling the plastic bucket every time you do the shopping? Start teaching your children during the shopping process: use cloth bags or reuse paper bags and buy in markets and in bulk stores. You will reduce plastic, help local shops and benefit from the incredible food you will be provide by these types of stores.


5. Buy glass

At the groceries time there are plenty of improvements you can include in your daily basis to contribute to take care of the environment and at the same time reduce waste.

Of those packaged foods, teach your children to choose and buy those that come packaged in glass.

Glass go off faster and pollute less than plastic, besides, you can give it a second life. For example, you and your children can restore your pantry and instead of plastic cans, store food in those glass containers that you were going to throw away.


6. Use public transport

Educate your children to use public transport: it will not only be a save for your entire family, it will also help reduce pollution.

If you have the option of walking to move around your city, take advantage! You will do sport while you move on foot.

On the other hand, if you live in a big city, we encourage you to decide taking the public transport to get around.

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