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Activities to do this Christmas at home

Activities to do this Christmas at home

22.12.2022 Family activities Culture

If you still do not have plans for this Christmas and you are worried about getting bored during the holidays, in this post we bring you some activities to do at home with your family, partner and friends, such as decorating the house, cooking pastries or setting up a cinema. Read on for inspiration!

Decorate the house for Christmas

When December rolls around, it's time to dust off the Christmas decorations. Find a nice corner to set up the nativity scene and another to place the Christmas tree. Fill the rest of the house with magic by decorating it with lights, floral details such as wreaths, garlands and Easter flowers and decorative elements in red, green, gold or white colours, and begin to enjoy one of the most special times of the year.


Cooking gingerbread cookies

The quintessential sweet Christmas recipe is gingerbread cookies. Furthermore, they are extremely simple to make, so they are perfect to do with children. To prepare them, in addition to ginger, you only need the basic foods of any pastry recipe: butter, flour, sugar, egg and yeast. If you like spices, you can also add cinnamon or cloves. Its compact mass allows you to give them Christmas shapes such as fir trees, stars, snowmen... What are you waiting for to sweeten your Christmas with this recipe?

boy decorating gingerbread cookies


Write a letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men

Have your children not yet made the list of gifts for this Christmas? So, this proposal is perfect to entertain yourself for an entire afternoon. Before Santa Claus comes on the night of December 24 or the Three Wise Men on the night of January 5, you can help your children prepare their letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men, explaining how they have behaved this year and what gifts want to receive this year. Then, all you have to do is deliver the letter and, on the night of your arrival, leave them something to snack on after this long journey.


Send Christmas cards

Christmas is the perfect time to have a detail with the people we appreciate the most. To wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them that we love them, we can take advantage of these dates to send them a Christmas postcard made by us. Give free rein to your imagination and prepare the most original Christmas cards!


Make a gift to your invisible friend

In case there is still someone who does not know what the invisible friend consists of, it is about making a gift chain. The traditional way to do this is for participants to write their name on a piece of paper, mix it up, and then pick one at random, which will be the person they have to gift to. It is not possible to know who gives you the gift until the day of the exchange. There are those who, to make it even more interesting, put a clue in the gifts so that they have to guess who is giving it. It is an ideal activity to do during Christmas with friends or family and take the opportunity to give something original to the person you’re making the gift.

people opening Christmas presents


Play bingo with family

If you are one of those people who celebrate Christmas with so many family members that you barely know their names, one of the most fun activities to do after family meals or dinners is to play bingo. You just need someone to act as an announcer (and if it's funny, even better!) who will say the numbers that come out of the bass drum until someone calls bingo by marking all the boxes on the card.


Watch a Christmas movie

Although it is one of the most classic Christmas plans, setting up a cinema at home and lying on the sofa to watch a movie puts an end to any boring afternoon. If what you fancy is a good Christmas movie to watch as a family, you can opt for the mythical Home alone or The Grinch, while, if you're looking for a movie for more adults, Love actually and The holiday are real must-sees. Prepare some popcorn, wrap yourself in the blanket and press play.


See the procession of the Three Wise Men from home

One of the most important dates of the last days of Christmas in Spain is the afternoon of January 5. As every year, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will walk the streets of the towns and cities and the pages of the Three Wise Man will be in charge of collecting the letters from the little ones. If you are lucky enough that the parade passes in front of your house, take the opportunity to invite the whole family to see the street from the balcony and experience one of the most magical moments of the year with your loved ones.

Three Kings Day parade

Take a break in Lloret de Mar

Now that you know how to enjoy a holiday at home, discover the hotels of Rosamar Hotels in Lloret de Mar and take the opportunity to take a break on the Costa Brava. Discover our hotels for families with children and our adults-only hotels on the coast of Girona and enjoy your break!

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