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Festivities in Lloret de Mar that you cannot miss

Festivities in Lloret de Mar that you cannot miss

16.02.2023 Local festivities

From traditional celebrations such as the El Traginer festival, to more popular events that still retain all their essence such as the Santa Cristina festival or the Sant Romà festival. Discover all the festivities that take place in the town of Lloret de Mar so you don't miss a single one!

El Traginer festival

The first festival of the year that is celebrated in Lloret de Mar is El Traginer festival, one of the most traditional festivals of the municipality. It takes place on the second Sunday of the year at the hermitage of Les Alegries. During this day, there is a chocolate party, children's games, a mass for the deceased, popular sardanas and a representation of the legend of El Traginer. If you want to know more about this tradition, take a look at our publication about El Traginer festival.


Americans’ Fair

The Americans’ Fair, dedicated to Lloret de Mar's Indian past, takes place in mid-June. During a whole weekend, on Jacint Verdaguer promenade, you can enjoy trade demonstrations, craft shops, concerts, workshops and exhibitions and tastings of overseas products. You can also take the opportunity to take guided tours of the artistic heritage inherited from the Indians. Travel to the past discovering the Lloret de Mar of the Indians!


Festivity of Santa Cristina

One of the most popular festivals in the town is the festivity of Santa Cristina, which is celebrated around July 24, the day of Santa Cristina. During this festival there is a maritime procession to Santa Cristina’s Hermitage from Lloret de Mar beach, the S'Amorra Amorra lute regatta in the bay of Santa Cristina and the Ball de Plaça (or Dansa de les Almorratxes) in the Plaza de la Vila, followed by sardanas by the copla La Bisbal Jove. Find out what each of these events consists of in our post about the festivity of Santa Cristina.

regatta S'Amorra Amorra Santa Cristina Lloret de Mar


Neighborhood festivities

During the summer months, the neighborhoods of Lloret de Mar organize their own festivals. The first festival that is celebrated is the festival of the Fishermen's neighborhood, at the end of June, where a habanera song is organized and burnt rum is served.

At the beginning of July, coinciding with the day of Sant Cristòfol, the neighborhood festival of Can Ballell is celebrated. This celebration lasts about three days and consists of a floral offering, the blessing of vehicles, a large popular fideua and performances with dance groups. In the middle of the month, the festivals of Mas Baell and Can Carbó are held. During the three days that the festivities last, they make a popular sausage, a gymkhana and a popular hot chocolate, among others.

At the beginning of August the festival of Mas Romeu is celebrated with a traditional dinner open to the public and a “sevillanas” performance. The third week of August the festivities of El Molí, Mas Vilà and Can Ribalaigua are held. The festivities last about three days and consist of concerts, a singing of habaneras, a popular butifarrada and exhibitions of students of sevillanas, country and flamenco. At the end of the month, the Fenals and Santa Clotilde festivities are held, with a music festival on the Ferran Agulló promenade, a habaneras song with burnt rum, fireworks, a petanque contest and a popular “butifarrada” with wine and pitcher.

rum cremat Lloret de Mar neighborhood fiestas


Som de Mar Festival

The month of August in Lloret de Mar is celebrated the Som de Mar Festival, a unique opportunity to enjoy live music in the gardens of Santa Clotilde. This cycle of concerts lasts about two weeks and each year some of the most renowned national artists participate. Different catering stands are set up so that attendees can eat or drink something before or after the concerts.

Check out our last post to get more information about the Som de Mar Festival.


Festivity of Sant Romà

In addition to the town's summer festival, Lloret de Mar also celebrates a winter festival. The festivity of Sant Romà is celebrated around November 18, the day of Saint Roman (Romà in Catalan). There is a mass in the parish church, concerts, children's activities, and sports activities. Visit our post to learn more about the festivity of Sant Romà.


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