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How important is the decoration of a hotel? Find out with the new Hotel Rosamar Es Blau!

How important is the decoration of a hotel? Find out with the new Hotel Rosamar Es Blau!

28.11.2017 The world of Rosamar

From the moment mankind began to live within "four walls", we have been looking for ways to change and improve the atmosphere inside our homes, to make them as comfortable as possible.

This November we wish to bring to the world of hotel design the unveiling of the Rosamar Hotel group’s most recent venture: the Hotel Rosamar Es Blau!

Interior decoration and design have come to form a fundamental part of people’s lives. Did you know that the way we decorate or create environments in spaces depends on our sense of well-being? We try to capture the essence of them physically, as well as psychologically and emotionally.

It’s true that keeping a place clean, neat and using attractive shades and colours, together with furnishings that are in harmony, influences how comfortable we feel in a space. And at Rosamar Hotels we believe that creativity is also a fundamental aspect!

Over the years, new concepts, trends, ideas and materials have been created... and they have influenced the way we decorate spaces. The Mediterranean style has always been a benchmark for many professionals in the industry.

At our hotels you’ll find environments decorated in the purest Costa Brava style, and all so that you can experience this atmosphere both inside and outside the hotel!

As you can see, design is an element that has always been present. What’s more, hotels are at the epicentre of a revolution in the world of interior design and decoration right now. Did you know that?

We just love taking care of you, meeting all your needs and, most of all, ensuring that your getaway in Lloret de Mar is a really unique experience! The new Hotel Rosamar Es Blau will be inaugurated in April 2018, but you can start making your reservations now. We want it to be a place where you can have the most enjoyable of times! And we are putting a complete range of services and facilities at your disposal!

The Hotel Rosamar Es Blau has 120 new rooms and is situated just 100 metres from the beach, in a very peaceful area of Lloret de Mar. You’ll be able to cool off by the pool and chill out at the Vitality Spa. And if you’re into sport, you can work out at the Gym Center.

We’ve designed the Hotel Rosamar Es Blau with a whole range of carefully thought out details that we are sure will delight you and make sure you have everything you need to start the day with a smile! Light colours and warm atmospheres and spaces that will help you to take unforgettable memories of your holidays in Lloret de Mar back home with you!

In our hotel’s buffet restaurant you’ll find a very modern decorative style, with white tones and parquet flooring. It also features different combinations of designer chairs and the walls are tiled and decorated with glass bottles of different colours, giving a very charming touch and making this a really extraordinary space.

Moreover, you’ll find the same modern, minimalist style in the hotel’s exterior decoration. Our garden area, with fashionable lamps and sofas for chilling out, will make your summer nights on the Costa Brava warmer still.

Are you ready to take the plunge and discover the decoration of our new hotel? Check out the photo gallery on the official Hotel Rosamar Es Blau website, and start to imagine your dream holidays in Lloret de Mar! :)

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