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How to pack the ideal case when you come to Lloret de Mar Discover our tips!

How to pack the ideal case when you come to Lloret de Mar Discover our tips!

11.07.2017 The world of Rosamar

Who hasn’t spent hours packing a suitcase and even then going off on a trip feeling that you left something behind? Sometimes we don’t know which clothes to take, what kind of luggage to choose, what they’ll let us take on the plane and so on.

At Rosamar Hotels we know about the headaches all this causes, so we have drawn up a list of tips to help you pack the perfect suitcase when you come to Lloret de Mar!

So, make yourself comfortable and get ready to take notes! You’ll see how you can go on holiday without strain and, most importantly, without the slightest worry! ;)

1. Make a list

The first thing you should do before packing your suitcase is to take a paper and pen and start writing down everything you think is important. If you do so, the day you leave you can look through it again and make sure you’re taking everything essential with you!

2. The ideal luggage format

The luggage format will depend on whether you’re travelling by plane (55cmx40cmx20cm for cabin luggage) or by car, but also on the time of the year. The volume of clothing will be very different if it’s summer or winter, for example. Our advice is that you should always try to take a small case, as it will be much easier to carry! Also, remember that whatever you do, you can wear a backpack, which will help you to spread out the weight and not feel so loaded!

3. Have some idea of ​​what you will do

Did you know that planning what you will do each day during the holidays can be a great advantage? It will help you choose the right clothes for each moment! Remember, one of our blog articles, titled “Plan your holiday in Lloret de Mar with Rosamar Hotels”, gives you great ideas about what to visit!

4. Create sets of clothing

Once you are sure of how you will organize your days, the next step is to create sets of clothing. Put yourself in the shoes of a personal shopper and start combining items of clothing! Remember that the world’s not coming to an end and you don’t have to take the whole wardrobe! ;)

Oh, and don’t forget your swimsuit + flip-flops! Ideal for relaxing at our spa and swimming pool or, for the little ones, having fun on our slides!

5. Bulky things, always on top

Even if it’s summer, nights by the sea can be very cool. An item of clothing for keeping warm will always be a good friend, and more so if you wear it on the day you leave. You will see how you gain space!

6. Empty bags

Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about it, but do you know how an empty bag can help you? You can keep dirty or wet clothes in it, or shoes which have become dirty.

7. Separate liquids

If you are travelling by plane, remember to separate your liquids. The best thing to do is to put them in a small plastic toiletries bag!

8. Take a good camera

Photographs help us to keep our memories alive, so put a good camera in your case to immortalize all those wonderful moments! Lloret de Mar has many places you shouldn’t miss! ;)

9. The desire to have fun!

And, most importantly of all, don’t forget to pack your desire to have fun and enjoy your stay! Get ready to discover the wide range of food in our restaurants, to enjoy our shows for grownups and children and to wake up beside the sea. In short, to enjoy a #RosamarExperience you’ll never forget! 

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