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La Diada in Catalonia

02.09.2021 Local festivities

On September 11, the National Day of Catalonia is celebrated, also called “Diada September 11”, “National Day of Catalonia” or simply “la Diada”. During this day, is commemorated the downfall of Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, face the Bourbon troops during the War of the Spanish Succession on September 11 in 1714.

Despite this defeat, catalans have turned this day into a national holiday, which is celebrated not only in Barcelona but also in many Catalan towns.



King Charles II of Spain (Carlos II, King of Spain between 1665 and 1700) died without progeny, ending the Habsburg dynastic line. Given the lack of direct posterity for the king, a complex network of palace intrigues starts around the succession, giving rise to an international conflict known as the War of the Spanish Succession.

In Spain, the War of the Spanish Succession turned into a civil war between Bourbons (defenders of Felipe V House of Bourbon, a royal house of French origin, as a candidate for the Crown of Spain) and Austracists (supporters of Archduke Charles of Austria, of the Habsburg dynasty, also known as Charles III (Carlos III) of Spain).

The army of Catalonia, which initially fought supporting the Habsburg dynasty in claiming the Spanish throne, was defeated by the army of King Felipe V of Bourbon on September 11, 1714 with the capitulation of Barcelona.

After fourteen months of siege, the Bourbon troops promulgated the Nueva Planta Decrees (1716), abolishing the laws and institutions of the Kingdom of Valencia and the Kingdom of Aragon, being abolished the Catalan institutions and the institutional system of the Principality of Catalonia.

On September 11, 1977, after the death of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, Catalan citizens protested and demanded the Catalan autonomy for Barcelona. In 1980, after the Generalitat of Catalonia reestablishment, on September 11 was declared a Catalan national holiday, being the first law approved by the restored Parliament of Catalonia.



In this celebration, the entities and the political parties make floral offerings to the Rafael Casanova monuments (“Conseller en Cap” of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession) and Josep Moragues (a military man who put at the service of the three main institutions of Catalonia self-government during the war), who led the defense of the city of Barcelona against the King Felipe V.

The independence groups and organizations present offerings at the Fossar de les Moreres, a square in the city of Barcelona built on the old Moreres Cemetery, belonging to the adjacent basilica of Santa María del Mar, where many fallen defenders were buried during the assault on the city of Barcelona.

For some years now, the Generalitat de Catalunya organized the main event of La Diada, which is held in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona. At the end of this and other events that take place in different towns of Catalonia, the Catalan anthem is sung, Els Segadors (a song that recalls the revolt of the Catalan reapers in 1640 against the Catalan oligarchy and the Spanish army).

During this day, citizens hang the Senyera (flag of Catalonia) or the estelada (independence flag) on the balcony of their house. There are also peaceful protests and concerts organized by the independence organizations.


La Diada in Lloret de Mar

In Lloret de Mar, every September 11 the Day of Catalonia is celebrated the traditional lacemaker (puntaires) meeting in the morning, takes place in the Jacint Verdaguer promenade and in the afternoon, the contest of "colles sardanistes" (groups of people who dance sardanas, the traditional dance of Catalonia) in the Pere Torrent square. A “Cercavila Gegantera” will also be organized, in which Lloret's giants will stroll through the city.

As every year, the institutional events will take place in Lloret de Mar's Plaça de la Vila (in front of the City Hall). Several associations will make an offering to put together a floral flag on Catalonia National Day occasion. The mayor of the municipality, Jaume Dulsat, will make a speech and the hymn of Els Segadors will be sung.


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