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Sant Jordi’s Day, a Catalan tradition with many activities!

29.03.2018 Local festivities

What do you know about Sant Jordi? It is one of the most popular and most special Catalan celebrations. Do you know about the Legend? If you want to know more about it, continue reading this article!

On April 23th, all the towns and cities of Catalonia are filled with people walking through the streets, little ones and grownups discovering books, lovers giving roses away, different activities, music...



In Lloret de Mar, from the first hours of the morning, different groups of people, shopkeepers, associations and even students from colleges and universities set up their stands to sell roses and books, the two most important symbols of this celebration. And why the rose and the book?

If we go back to the legend of this celebration, we will know why so! Let’s find out together? ;)


The Legend of Sant Jordi 

According to the legend, on April 23rd died a knight called Jordi, a brave young man who risked his life fighting a dragon that was devoted to frightening the population of Montblanc, a hidden corner in the south of Catalonia.

To avoid the attacks of the dragon, a maid, which was chosen through a popular vote, had to be delivered every day to the dragon. However, the day came when the chosen one was the daughter of the king, princess Violant.

Sant Jordi was the only knight who wanted to face the dragon to save the young princess. He beat him clutching his sword into his heart. It is said, that from the blood of the dragon's heart a red rose was born and from there on Sant Jordi’s Day was given a rose to women.

Princess Violant, after being saved by her gentleman, wrote a poem of love, and that is why women give away a book to their partners.

Many people think that Sant Jordi represents the day of the lovers, since both make a gift like sample of their love. But nowadays parents also give a rose to their daughters and mothers.

Without a doubt, Sant Jordi´s Day is a perfect occasion to have a special time with those around us. Would you like to live this special tradition in one of our hotels in Lloret de Mar?


Activities in Lloret de Mar 

During this day, Lloret de Mar will smell of roses and books will be seeing everywhere. Besides, different kind of activities for all ages will take place in town: reading texts and stories, craft workshops, Sardana dances (popular dance in Catalonia), concert and much more!

You can start the day going for a walk in the village. Meanwhile we will wait for you to have lunch at any of the 3 restaurants at Rosamar Hotels: the Bufet Restaurant, the Grill Restaurant Avi Pere and the Cafe Ferretti Restaurant!

If you come with your partner, after this gastronomic experience, you can relax at the Aqua SPA Center of the Hotel Rosamar & SPA! A space where you can also enjoy beauty treatments, body massages...

And of course, do not forget to collect these moments with photos that will last forever! There is nothing nicer than keeping the memory of such a romantic getaway in our hotels in Lloret de Mar!

Did you like to discover this Catalan tradition? Now you just have to book your room and get ready to live your #RosamarExperience! :)