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A Scary Halloween at Rosamar Hotels!

23.10.2017 The world of Rosamar

Halloween is always a special day. It’s magical, fun, and of course terrifying!

Many of us wait all year for it, so we can have a good time with our friends and family, tell scary stories... It’s a day full of excitement! :)

Over the years, we’ve taken on this tradition, but have you ever stopped to think where and when it started? Where does it come from? At Rosamar Hotels, we want to use this month’s article to tell you what we've learned!

2,000 years ago in Europe, the Celts began a celebration where they paid homage to their dead. That’s why Halloween is also known as “All Souls’ Eve”. It was said that on 31 October, the spirits came to visit the Earth. To scare away witches, people built bonfires on the hills around their towns.

Plus, to keep souls from entering their bodies, they lit the lights in their homes and dressed up as demons or witches to scare them away! Interesting, isn’t it?

Over time, Halloween has become more important in Scotland and Ireland, where children and the poor would traditionally sing and pray from house to house in exchange for a piece of cake or something to eat. This custom has become today’s “Trick or Treat?”. Children go from house to house asking for sweets and asking this question. If they aren’t given a treat, the people that live there just might have to face their tricks... ;)

Just like every year, at Rosamar Hotels we organise different Halloween activities, giving an original touch to our establishments and offering entertainment for the whole family!

Throughout the day, we have a whole series of proposals! Starting with one of the most typical Halloween traditions, we organise a Costume Contest at Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort for both children and adults.

At the same time, at the hotel’s Mini Club you’ll find an arts and crafts workshop, where the littlest members of the family can take home a souvenir of their Halloween at Lloret de Mar.

And of course, we couldn't forget our decorations! Our hotels are decorated with everything that reminds you of Halloween: terrifying spiders and cobwebs, witches, jack o’ lanterns... We’ll let your imagination - and your children's too - fly, and we’ll make sure you feel like you’re in an environment that’s both welcoming and terrifying! ;)

What did you think of the story of Halloween? Did you find it interesting? We hope you’ve learned something you didn't know, and we hope you’ll come and visit one of our hotels in Lloret de Mar!

And remember, no matter where you're staying, you’re welcome to attend all the activities organised at Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort!