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Hotel Lloret de Mar - Costa Brava - Spagna

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15.02.2017 Attività a Lloret

First of all, so that you can organize your holiday in the best possible way, you and your companions need to know what kind of holiday you want. A relaxing holiday, or maybe an adventure holiday? A family holiday, or perhaps a holiday with your partner or friends? Lloret de Mar has something for everyone and, once you've decided on this tourist destination, it's important for you to organize your days there so that you can see and do everything you want, to make sure that when you get home you don't realise there was something you missed.

So, to make it easier for you, we want to share with you a to-do list which will make your holiday in Lloret de Mar unforgettable!

If you are one of those people who travel with their family, in Lloret de Mar the Arbre Aventura Park awaits you, with zip lines in the trees and direct contact with nature. Waterworld Lloret De Mar, one of the largest and most exciting water parks in Europe. Gnomo Park and Sould Park, two parks full of attractions, inflatables, trampolines and so on. 

If you are a history lover visiting Lloret de Mar, discover its modernist cemetery, the Sant Pere del Bosc Sanctuary, located 6 km from the centre of Lloret, the Santa Clotilde Gardens, Es Tint, the place where they dyed fishing nets in the past, Lloret de Mar's Maritime Museum, the Santa Cristina Chapel, built in the neoclassical style and just 3.5 km from the town centre, the Sant Quirze Chapel, the oldest in Lloret de Mar, Sant Joan's Castle, a beautiful mediaeval structure dating back to the early 11th century and located on the hills separating Lloret and Fenals, the Parish Church of Sant Romà, one of the most emblematic places in Lloret de Mar, and the Monument to the Fisherman's Wife, a tribute to women from the seafaring era, who often kept the home running while the men went away in search of gold on the other side of the Atlantic. Legend has it that if you touch the feet of the sculpture while you look out towards the horizon, all your wishes will come true!

In addition, if you like playing sports, in Lloret de Mar you can do the following:go hiking, walk along the coastal path, do water sports (sailing, diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, etc.), swim in the "Vies Braves" and go on mountain bike routes around Lloret de Mar, as well as many other activities waiting to be discovered.  Embark on a unique holiday!

Do you love beaches? Then get away to Lloret de Mar, where a great many beaches and coves await you, from the best known and most visited to the best hidden and least frequented, enabling you to choose your spot or discover others, experiencing different views of the Costa Brava beaches.

And let's not forget the Mediterranean cuisine, something highly valued on the Costa Brava which delights all palates!

Oh, and remember that in February it will be Carnival time in Lloret de Mar! It's a much-awaited event for everyone who loves the fancy-dress festival held all along the Costa Brava, and here it is again! Come and enjoy it in Lloret de Mar, from 24 to 26 February! :)