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Celebrate a different New Year's Eve at home

29.12.2020 Attività per la famiglia

This New Year's Eve 2020 will be very different from other years. The pandemic has left us without the large events and big parties, but it has not taken away our spirit and the hapiness of spending this magic night with our loved ones.

In this article we explian you some fun alternatives to celebrate the end of the year; ideas to spend the New Year's Eve with your couple or your children. Moreover, we show you how this special day is celebrated in Spain and more funny traditions from other countries, perhaps it will give you few ideas to celebrate a different New Year's Eve this 2020.


How is the New Year's Eve celebrated in Spain?

Normally, the end of the year in Spain is celebrated away from home or at the home of friends. The most typical image of Spanish New Year's Eve are the bells of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, although in almost all municipalities there is a main square where people gather to hear the last bells of the year.

It is a night where everyone dresses to the nines, eating a good dinner together and toasting with cava. Although, without a doubt, the most characteristic of the end of the year in Spain are the 12 grapes, a tradition that consists of eating 12 grapes, one for each stroke, during the last 12 seconds of the year.


How is the New Year's Eve celebrated in other countries?

Since this New Year's Eve is inevitably going to be different, why not adopt traditions from other countries? It can be a fun way to learn about traditions from other cultures and countries.

Eat lentils for dinner like in Italy: Italians eat lentils on New Years to attract a year full of wealth and prosperity, because in the past it was believed that flat legumes looked like Roman coins.
Clean the home deeply like in Japan: In Japan the end of the year is a very important date and one of the many traditions that we can adopt this special year is called Osoji. The Osoji is a Japanese ritual that consists of cleaning the house thoroughly to purify it and start the year on the right foot. Originally, the Japanese took an extended period of time to thoroughly clean their homes in the belief that then the houses would be "purified" and the evil spirits would not have a place to hide and live.
Go for a walk or around the house with suitcases: This is the ritual followed by some Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Chile, in which one of the New Year's Eve traditions is to pack on the last day of the year and when midnight comes catch it and go for a walk around the block to have good trips in the new year. Although the best way to travel next 2021 is to book your next vacation now, remember that we have our Early Booking offer available with which you can save up to -15% on your vacation on the Costa Brava.


How to celebrate New Year's Eve with children?

  • Wish list and resolutions: New Year's Eve is the ideal time to gather your family and let each one reflect on the year, make a list of the positive things that last year did not bring and another wish list for the year to come.
  • Karaoke: A fun activity to do with children is to have a homemade karaoke.
  • Cotillion workshop: At a New Year's Eve dinner, the cotillion cannot be missed. This year it may be a good idea to do a craft workshop to create the party favors for dinner together as a family.


How to spend a romantic New Year's Eve with your partner?

  • Romantic dinner: Make this unusual New Year's Eve a very special day as a couple. Cook dinner together, light some candles, decorate the table and share a good wine ... Enjoy a romantic New Year's Eve as a couple!
  • Movie Marathon: After midnight, it's time to relax on the couch with your better half. Make it a special night and create a romantic atmosphere with dim lights, snacks and a cocktail while you enjoy a movie marathon.
  • Board games: If you like board games and share a good laugh with your partner, you can also look for adults board games . Or, if you love contests you can prepare a homemade Quiz or Trivia, or perhaps a song guessing contest.


Be that as it may, this end of the year the most important thing is health, staying home and wishing that next 2021 will give us back all those projects, trips and plans that we have not been able to enjoy in 2020.

And remember! If you want to surprise your partner on New Year's Eve, give the Rosamar Plus gift card; a gift card that you can send digitally to your loved ones so that they can exchange it for a magnificent holiday in Lloret de Mar.

From the Rosamar Hotels team we wish you a happy new year. We hope to see you again at our hotels very soon!