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What are calçots? Find out how, when and where to eat them

16.02.2021 Feste locali

During winter, calçots are undoubtedly the kings of Catalan gastronomy. The “calçotades” are tremendously popular during this time of year. Calçots are easy to cook, healthy, tasty, tender and absolutely delicious. But what is these funny onions? Do you know when and where to find them? How are they cooked? And how is made the romesco sauce? In this post we explain you everything you need to know about the calçots and the calçotada!


What are calçots?

Calçots are a member of the mild flavored onion family that are typically cooked on the grill. The most traditional way to eat them is by removing the burned part and dipping them in the romesco sauce.
For more than a century, calçots have been a very remarkable food in Catalan cuisine, especially in winter time, although it is considered a typical food of Tarragona province, today they are found all over Catalonia during calçots season which is from November to April.
Calçots have become a much loved food in local cuisine, and it is very common for families, friends and neighbours to get together to celebrate a calçotada, which is the name given when a group of people get together to eat calçots.


Where to eat calçots?

The most traditional way to eat calçots is by attending a calçotada. However, there are many Catalan restaurants that during the calçots season offer this dish to share with your loved ones. You can also cook them at home and, if you live in Catalonia, there are many online companies that send you cooked calçots at home.


What is romesco sauce?

The secret of the calçots is in the sauce! Romesco sauce is best known for being the faithful companion of calçots, although it also tends to go very well with grilled fish, meat and other vegetables. This stands out above all for its strong garlic flavor, a vinegary touch that contrasts with the sweet taste of almonds and hazelnuts. Without a doubt, a delicacy that you have to try at least once in your life!



How to make romesco sauce?

It is easy to find romesco sauce in Catalan supermarkets, but hard to find outside the region, but don’t worry we show you a simple recipe to prepare romesco sauce at home. You only need: 1 kg of tomatoes, 6 cloves of garlic, 60 g of toasted hazelnuts, 60 g of toasted almonds, 1 1/2 tsp. of meat of ñora (dried spicy red pepper) , 40 g of vinegar, 400 ml of virgin olive oil, salt to taste and 1 piece of toasted bread.

An authentic gastronomic and mediterranean experience in Lloret de Mar

Would you like to enjoy a gastronomic getaway to Lloret de Mar? Book your stay at our Hotel Rosamar & Spa and taste our delicious gastronomic offer!


The hotel has 1 bar and 3 restaurants with different types of cuisine:

Restaurant Buffet Principal: Come and enjoy our show-cooking, thematic buffets and the best of Mediterranean and international cuisine.
Restaurant Grill Avi Pere: Restaurant in Lloret de Mar with an a la carte menu, outdoors and ideal for trying the best fish, meat, vegetables and salads in Lloret.
Restaurant Cafe Ferreti: Restaurant in Lloret with views of the sea and where you can eat pizzas, Italian pastas, crepes and delicious artisan ice cream.
Ona Pool Snack Bar: Bar with pool in Lloret de Mar with: drinks, hamburgers, paninis, salads, crepes and ice cream.

On your next holidays in Spain, come and enjoy the catalan gastronomy and delicious international meals with us! We look forward to seeing you at Rosamar Hotels!