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Fun activities to do at home with your kids

Fun activities to do at home with your kids

17.04.2020 Attività per la famiglia

Spending so many days at home can be overwhelming for both adults and children. However, with a little imagination we can create fun, creative and educational activities. Enjoy family time to the fullest!

In this post we propose you some ideas to have a great time at home with your children. Activities that you can do with little kids, without leaving home and without spending a lot of money.


Crafts are activities where children can develop their creativity, and it will also be the perfect excuse to soak up their hands of paint. Doing these handicrafts helps us improve concentration and relieve stress, however, the best benefit of doing crafts with children is being able to spend more quality time with them.

You can make crafts with things you have at home: salt, rice, colored chalk, clay, flour, newspapers, empty containers, old socks, etc. You can start with simple crafts, such as: painting stones or decorating a bottle with rice and colored chalk. Rosamar Hotels entertainment team has created several videos on their channel so that you can do crafts with children at home:


Easy recipes to cook with kids

Doing some easy household chores with kids, such as cooking easy recipes, can be very useful to teach them the importance of teamwork.

Cooking with children is a good way to learn and be creative. You can prepare some cupcakes and let your children decorate them with: chocolate chips, cream, sugar, nuts, berries and other fruits.

Music and dance contest

If your children dream of becoming a superstar, singers or professional dancers... Organize a talent contest at home! Let them prepare their own choreography, write the lyrics or sing their favorite song. It will certainly be a fun family activity to dance, laugh, and discover new skills. Also, you can record the show to have a nice family memory.

Face painting and costume party

Dressing up is is an all-time favorite activities among children, or at least one of them. If you don't have costumes at home, you can let them pick up a piece of clothing you no longer wear or create costumes with an old T-shirt, paper or cardboard. Creativity has no limits!

You can complete your costume party with a face painting session at my home. Let your children do your makeup or, if you are good at painting, you can even try to paint your children's face. In this video our animation team shows you how to make a tiger makeup for kids: 



Between work, household chores and children at home, these days can be exhausting for many moms and dads.Therefore it is also important to keep time to yourself, to clear your mind and relax, so later you can enjoy even more the time you spend with your children.

At Rosamar Hotels we hope that these ideas helps you to enjoy the time at home, to create beautiful family memories and live unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

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