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The Mediterranean diet in Lloret de Mar: why is it the healthiest?

The Mediterranean diet in Lloret de Mar: why is it the healthiest?

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Did you know that when you travel you have the opportunity to discover new lifestyles and acquire new habits? After your holidays in Lloret de Mar, you can start consuming products that you did not know before, start the practice of a new sport, play a new instrument that you discovered during the entertainment activities of Rosamar Hotels... And much more!

Taking your luggage and dive into the new adventure that a new destination can bring you is not always easy. But leaving the comfort zone can change your life.If your next destination is Lloret de Mar, we are sure that the Mediterranean lifestyle will surprise you! A way of living that has been internationally recognized as one of the healthiest! Dive into this new article and discover what the Mediterranean diet is, what its benefits are and what restaurants in Rosamar Hotels you can enjoy!

Everything you need to know about the Mediterranean diet

A common error is to think that the Mediterranean diet is based on a simple food recommendations, and the fact is that it goes much further.On the one hand, the Mediterranean diet promotes a selection of certain foods and dietary guidelines that help you maintain a balanced diet. And on the other hand, it also promotes a lifestyle that improves your general well-being.Here you will find a list of food that are part of the Mediterranean diet and also the most common Mediterranean habits. Get some paper and a pen and keep an eye on everything that will surprise you if you start a trip to Lloret de Mar!

1. Ingredients for a Mediterranean diet:

- Buy fresh, seasonal and local products. The Mediterranean diet is based on a selection of products which are recommended to be seasonal. In the past, transportation was more limited and only seasonal products could be consumed. Now, this habit has been lost because there have been more logistical and chemical advances which allow us to have everything throughout the year.- Key food:o Virgin olive oil (AOVE): it is the star ingredient and the Mediterranean diet advises to use it raw or cooked.o Fruits and vegetables: it is advised to consume them in five pieces a day (2 of vegetables and 3 of fruit). Both contain a high percentage of water and vitamins that our body needs.

o Wholegrain cereals (pasta, rice and cereals): they provide the necessary energy for our daily activities.o Legumes: 3 portions per week are recommended.o Nuts: they contain healthy fats that provide a great source of minerals.- More fish and less meat. The Mediterranean diet recommends consuming at least 3 fish portions per week, since it is considered richer in non-saturated fats than meat.- Dairy. It is said that yoghurts and cheese are healthy dairy products that will daily provide the necessary vitamins for your well-being.- Red wine. Wine brings benefits to your cardiovascular health. But, always with moderate consumption.

2. Healthy habits of the Mediterranean style:

- Spend some time on food and do it in company. It is not only important what we eat, but also how we do it. Eat calmly, chew it, taste it and enjoy the pleasure of sharing your meal with family or friends.- Exercise on a daily basis. Include some physical exercise in your day to day, 30 minutes are enough. Get active.- Do not forget to rest. It is said that people who take a daily nap suffer less stress. If you sleep between 7 and 8 hours and you will enjoy a better pace of life.


Benefits of the Mediterranean diet in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is an ideal place to discover the Mediterranean culture as many of the products that it recommends are cultivated in our lands. In addition, Lloret de Mar is a land of fishermen and due to this, the paella, one of the typical Mediterranean dishes, is one of the best you have ever tried!On the other hand, our town offers an idyllic environment to practice sports and rest, two fundamental aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle.In conclusion, if you adopt the habits proposed by the Mediterranean diet and introduce them into your routine, you will be able to obtain the following benefits: you will improve cardiovascular health, you will maintain your weight, regulate bowel movement, you will follow a diet with antioxidant effects and, most important, you will enjoy a balance way of life!


What restaurants will you find at Rosamar Hotels?

The restaurants at Rosamar Hotels, which are certified with the AMED (official promoters of the Mediterranean Diet), have a wide menu that includes the most typical (and delicious) dishes of the Costa Brava: the main buffet restaurants of all our hotels, the Grill Restaurant Avi Pere, the Cafe Ferretti Restaurant and the different bars where you can have a drink during your evenings (Bar Marys, Pool Snach Bar Goofys, the Willy Pool Snack Bar ...).One of the products better rated by our customers is the fresh fruit that you can always find in all the buffets of Rosamar Hotels. It is cut at the spot by our chefs. Who doesn't feel like cooling off from the heat? ;)You can neither miss the latest news about the Grill Restaurant Avi Pere, which has been recently refurbished and offers new decoration and new menu! Nor the relaxing moments at the new terrace of the Rosamar Es Blau Hotel, where you can take some time to disconnect.Knowing a new culture is like knowing a new world, and we are sure that when you discover the Mediterranean culture, our diet, our lifestyle ... you will end up falling in love with it! Are you ready to do it this summer at Rosamar Hotels?

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