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Tips to make the best pictures in Lloret de Mar!

Tips to make the best pictures in Lloret de Mar!

22.10.2018 Il Mondo Rosamar

It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. And actually, with the popularity of social networks like Instagram or Facebook, this expression makes more sense.

A feet in the pool, a "selfie" on the beach overlooking the sea, a cocktail with good views... These are some of the moments that we increasingly immortalize when we go on a trip.

Did you know that all of this is due to the replacement of the camera for a mobile? A device that, by the time, has made us a new point of view. And if you are not convinced, try to find in your old albums how many snapshots of this kind you have saved ;)

If you have read up till here it's because you're probably interested in the world of photography, right? Let's go a little further in detail and let's discover some of the most interesting tricks to make the best pictures with your mobile during your vacations in Lloret de Mar!

And if you want to know more, in this article we will also tell you the most curious places in Lloret de Mar so you can succed in your social networks! ;)


Tips to make the best pictures with your mobile

1. Cleaning the lens

Some people have it as a habit and who never do it, but cleaning the lens of the camera before taking a picture can greatly improve its quality. Try it and you'll see that it comes out clearer!

2. The framing does matter

Nowadays, most mobiles have the option to add grid lines at the time of capturing. It may seem silly, but if you use them and keep in mind that everything has a certain order, the image can gain much more quality!

3. Capture with the right light

It is not the same to make a photograph against light that with its back to the sun, as it is not the same to make it with natural light or artificial light. Make sure that the images don't have much brightness and take advantage of the hours of the day that can add more value to your image, such as the sunset :)

4. Pay the same attention as a camera

Now, with just one hand and a single click we can be able to make an amazing photograph. The lightness of the mobile allows us to take a picture faster with a camera. Do not let this immediacy not allow you to reflect on things with time. First think and then shoot ;)

5. Change the point of view

As one of the most famous photographers says, Steve McCurry, there is nothing better than improvising and breaking the rules. So let your imagination fly and do not take the same point of view as most of people takes!

6. Retouch the images without exceeding

It is true that retouching images can improve their quality, but it is also true that, if we abuse, we can easily load it. Increase the brightness, the contrast, reduce the shadows, reduce the colour temperature or the warmth, increase the sharpness... Yes, everything can bring great value, but be careful!

In this sense, it is not good to abuse the filters that some editing applications provide, since the less you notice that we have retouched it, the better!

7. Tell a story

With this article we want to show that all of us can be creative when we take a photograph. It is about trying to find photographs that tell a story that transmits the sensation to whoever is observing it. A tip: ask yourself what you want to convey :)


The most curious places in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has many landscapes and buildings from where you can capture the best pictures of your vacation! And if you also like Instagram, you will see that they are places of the most "instagramables"!

Discover the bright and golden colours of Sant Romà Church and its garden, the lines and symmetries of the facade of Can Font, the incredible views of the sea from the Gardens of Santa Clotilde, the different shades of blue of the coves of Lloret de Mar, as Sa Caleta where you will also find the spectacular Castell d'en Plaja, and many more!

So don't forget your mobile before leaving the hotel! You never know what you can find ;)


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During your stay at Rosamar Hotels, you also have plenty of spaces from where you can take the best pictures of Lloret de Mar!

Are you looking for a terrace pool with panoramic views? From Hotel Rosamar Marítim you can contemplate the sea while you are having a drink at the Willy Pool Snack Bar. Another similar image could be from the pool with the views of Hotel Rosamar Maxim -Adults Only-, like this relaxing photograph of the @Igseila in her Instagram!

If you are a lover of symmetries and architecture, you cannot miss Hotel Rosamar Es Blau, newly built. And don’t forget Hotel Rosamar & SPA restaurant, recently renovated with a modern interior design :)

But if your favorite images are the fun ones, you can get them in the Aquasplash area of Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort!


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