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What's the weather like in Lloret de Mar? Best time of year to travel to Spain

What's the weather like in Lloret de Mar? Best time of year to travel to Spain

14.01.2021 Attività a Lloret

The weather in Lloret de Mar is usually warm and mild during most of the year, without great variations of temperatures. If you are starting to plan your holidays, read to discover what’s the best time to travel to Costa Brava (Spain).

We often associate holidays in Spain with the heat, that summery sultry so characteristic of Mediterranean coastal towns. Without a doubt, summers in Catalonia have high temperatures that make you want to spend the whole day at the beach or pool, but each season has its charm and its benefits... Discover them all in this post!


Average temperature in Lloret de Mar:

The Catalan coast enjoys a very pleasant climate, perfect temperatures for sightseeing, practicing outdoor sports and enjoying the sunny terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Find out which season of the year you should travel to Lloret de Mar according to your tastes!

March: 16th / 5th
April: 18 ° / 8 °
May: 21 ° / 11 °

One of the most beautiful stations to observe the sea and let yourself be carried away by its relaxing and hypnotic sound. Spring in Lloret is synonymous with excitement, as it is the season where the days start to get longer, the heat gradually returns and the natural landscapes are dressed in green to welcome the sunny weather. A good time for biking, picnicking on the beach and shopping at the weekly markets.

June: 26 ° / 16 °
July: 28 ° / 18 °
August: 29 ° / 19 °

Summers on the coast of Catalonia are known for being hot and dry, with very little chance of precipitation. The time of the year where the sky is usually always clear and the water temperatures are higher (26º).

In addition to the heat, another plus of traveling to Costa Brava during the summer is the good vibes that are inhaled during these months. There is more movement on the street and the Lloret City Council organizes many outdoor summer activities: gigs, activities for children, group outings, sports competitions, parties, etc.

September: 26 ° / 16 °
October: 22 ° / 12 °
November: 18th / 7th

The ones who wish to travel to Lloret de Mar in autumn will have a greater chance of discovering the essence of the town, its people and its customs. At the end of September, October and November you will find the perfect temperature to practice sport outdoors, stroll quietly through the town, enjoy the best restaurants in the area without crowds and take a dip on the beach, since even in October there are days with temperatures very similar to those of June. Without a doubt, a season that invites you to go on an excursion with the family or go hiking with your partner.

December: 15th / 4th
January: 14th / 3rd
February: 14th / 3rd

Winter is the perfect season for tourists seeking tranquility and privacy… The months of December, January, February and the beginning of March are usually the coldest of the year. However, spending the winter in Lloret de Mar also has its advantages.

Although in winter the temperature of Lloret can be around 12 ° C, for much of this period, the sun continues to shine and the clear skies give off a very cozy light blue. Sunny and cool days that make the winters on the Costa Brava much more bearable. A perfect time for all those who want to photograph the most popular beaches in the area without people.


What is the best time to travel to the Costa Brava?

The months that you can most enjoy the heat, the sun and the beach are July and August, these are the driest months and with less probability of rain. Great to enjoy the chiringuito and the water…. and also, during these summer months you will find many local festivals such as July 24, which are the Lloret de Mar festivals.

It is also highly recommended to come and enjoy the Costa Brava in June and September, two months with many hours of daylight and higher temperatures, but these tend to be less muggy than in July and August. Great for a quieter and more relaxing summer holiday.

If what you are passionate about Costa Brava is its impressive landscapes and its sports facilities, then April, May and October are great months for you, especially to enjoy outdoor sports: Cycling, hiking, water sports ... Also, these are good months to enjoy a romantic holiday with your partner, since children are at school and the climate invites you to take relaxing walks on the beach.


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