5 good reasons to travel to Lloret de Mar in September

5 good reasons to travel to Lloret de Mar in September

04.09.2020 Деятельность в Лоре де Мар

The end of summer is near, but September arrives, the best month to travel to Lloret de Mar for couples, friends or alone.Many tourists decide to book their holidays on the Costa Brava during the months of July and August. These months are great for spending time with the family. It is a time when the vast majority of children do not have to attend school, summer nights on the coast are much chilled and all tourist services are available.However, the months of September and October are a great time to make romantic getaways on the beach, travel alone and reconect with nature or organize a trip with friends.

Keep reading to know 5 good reasons to travel to Lloret de Mar in September.


1. Temperatures are still in the mid-twenties

September in Lloret de Mar is the best destination for all those travelers who love the beach but can't stand the heat.

September is a month where the sea water of the Costa Brava maintains the pleasant temperature of the hottest months, but outside the water the air feels much cooler than August. During the day, temperatures exceed 25 ° C, although there are also hotter days, especially in early September, when it is possible to reach peaks of more than 30 ° C.


2. There are not so many children

If you are looking for holidays to escape stress, the best time to travel to Lloret de Mar in September. Like in October, September is a month in which the influx of tourists gradually decreases. During the week, you can enjoy the beach without child screaming, the best admoosphere to enjoy the sound of the sea with your partner, friends or alone.

3. Less crowded tourist attractions

Lloret de Mar has a privileged location, it is only 75 kilometers from Barcelona and 43 kilometers from Girona. Both urban destinations are perfect to visit during the months of September and October. In addition to being able to enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean towns of the Costa Brava and the main tourist attractions of Lloret de Mar, such as: The Santa Clotilde Gardens, Museum of the Sea, Modernist Cemetery, Church of Sant Romà, etc.


4. Best time to get to know the real Lloret de Mar

There are destinations that change a lot depending on the month you visit them. This is the case of Lloret de Mar. All the months of the year have their charm but September is ideal to get to know the real Lloret de Mar. It is a month in which many locals return from their holidays and, therefore, it is ideal for get to know better its people, its culture and its traditions. Also, as the weather is more pleasant, September is usually a month full of cultural, musical and sporting events.


5. Great hotel deals

In September prices start to drop and you will be able to find more deals on hotels in Lloret de Mar. If you haven't booked your summer holidays yet and are looking for last minute deals on hotels on the coast, don't hesitate, September is the best time to travel to the beach destinations in Spain and find the best prices.Take a look at all the offers that we have active for the month of September on our official website. Come and enjoy the best beaches on the Costa Brava with Rosamar Hoteles and experience the end of summer with us. You'll love it!