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Modernist cemetery of Lloret de Mar: Jewel of the Indian legacy

28.10.2020 Деятельность в Лоре де Мар

The spanish feast of All Saints' Day, Tots Sants in catalan, is approaching, one of the most outstanding celebrations of autumn, along with the popular feast of Catalonia: La Castanyada. November 1 is a day when cemeteries, such as the Cementerio modernista de Lloret de Mar, receive more visits, since for Tots Sants day, many citizens travel to the cemetery to bring flowers to their deceased.

However, the Lloret de Mar cemetery is also visited by tourists and art history enthusiasts from all over the world, who want to marvel at the spectacular sculptures found inside; fruit of Lloret de Mar's Indian past and a clear example of the importance of funeral art during the 19th century in Catalonia. Works by renowned artists such as Puig i Cadafalch, Bonaventura Conill Montobbio, Eusebi Arnau, Vicenç Artigas, Antoni M. Gallissà Soqué, among others ...


History of the modernist cemetery of Lloret de Mar

The Lloret de Mar cemetery was built in 1892 by the architect Joaquín Artau and later renovated by the wealthy Indian families of Lloret, between the years 1896 and 1901.
Between 1800 and 1840 there was a boom of locals who embarked in the Americas, where they achieved great wealth. With the fortunes they made in the new world, they built their mansions in Lloret de Mar and made important donations that left their mark on the town; like the Jacint Verdaguer promenade or the Church of Sant Romà. The economic power of the Indanos de Lloret was so great that they ordered important architects of the time such as Antoni Gallissà and Josep Puig i Cadafalch to design their pantheons.


Why visit the Lloret Modernist Cemetery?

Currently, this modernist cemetery is one of the main tourist attractions in Lloret de Mar. It is part of the European Route of Cemeteries and is considered a common asset.
In Lloret's modernist cemetery you will find a quiet place without large crowds. It’s not like other cemeteries, it is a place where you can walk while observing the beauty of its different artistic constructions, recently marked with explanatory panels.
A place to complement the Indiana route, a pleasant journey through Lloret de Mar that we recommend to all lovers of art and history. You can also book the interesting guided tours of the Indiana Route that El Museu del Mar offers.


Holidays in Lloret de Mar: Beach, sun, leisure and culture

In Lloret de Mar it is impossible to get bored, a beach destination in Spain that offers activities for all tastes: Sports, cultural, gastronomic, activities for children, nightlife ... The perfect place to disconnect from the routine and enjoy a unique and relaxing break.
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