Come to the Lloret de Mar Carnival!

Come to the Lloret de Mar Carnival!

13.02.2020 Местные праздники

The Carnival of Lloret de Mar will transform this small city of the Costa Brava over the weekend of February 21st to 23rd. Everyone dresses up and the whole town participates in a crazy party of music, colors, costumes and dance. If you have never visited the Lloret Carnival, do it, you’ll love it!

For more than 40 years Lloret de Mar has been celebrating this festival with a lot of activities for the whole family: the big parade, the schools parades, the party opening with the His Majesty Carnestoltes (the Carnival King), the costume contest on the streets, the women’s ball, costumes at the workplace, concerts and the awards ceremony. And what puts an end to these Carnival days of crazy fun is the Burial of the sardine, which represents the beginning of Lent.

In fact, the carnival woudn’t exist without Lent! the word carnival itself reveals its nature to us. The word carnival comes from the Italian carnevale or carnelevare, that is, removing the meat. So, it indicates the days before fasting, austerity, abstinence and penance of Lent. They are the two sides of a coin represented by two characters: King of Carnival, a drunken and crazy personage, image of the days of public entertainments; and the Old Lady of Lent, a woman with seven legs (one for each week of abstinence), unsociable and who does not eat meat, image of sacrifice. However, in the Catalan lands, the two characters have the same end: the two end up burning at the stake, a symbol of the end, of the symbolic destruction of the period.

But back to the joy and celebration of the Lloret de Mar Carnival!

For a few years, the towns of Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar and Blanes joined forces and created the Carnival of the South Costa Brava, to jointly promote their Carnival Parades.

The star event of these days is the Gran Rua de Carnaval, The big parade which in recent years has been a success. More than 4,500 people marched through the city main streets, attracting the attention of more than 100,000 spectators.

The people of Lloret is organized into groups to create its carnival identity. From head to toe, using carnival masks, makeup, homemade or professional costumes and wigs; music, choreography and dances, as well as the construction of the float. Its members parade one after another with the aim of winnig the best score given by the jury. But far from being an exam, the participants dance and drink along the way, just doing what these days of holidays and fun are for.

Lloret de Mar has not only a very important natural and historical wealth, but also very lively popular festivals!

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