The Fair of the Americans is coming to Lloret de Mar (15th, 16th and 17th June)

The Fair of the Americans is coming to Lloret de Mar (15th, 16th and 17th June)

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Did you know that Lloret de Mar has a past linked to America, and in particular, to Cuba?

If you are curious to discover why there are village buildings that have a different style to the rest, or why the "Daiquiri" cocktail is so typical in Lloret de Mar, read this new blog article !

Prepare yourself because afterwards you won’t want to miss one of the most famous events of the month of June on the Costa Brava, the "Fair of the Americans" of Lloret de Mar! ;)

Who are the "Americans"?

To understand who the "Americans" of Lloret de Mar are, we have to go back to the past of the city, specifically the years between 1800 and 1840.

It was during this period of time when part of the population migrated to the "Americas", with the intention of finding new opportunities. Many people from Lloret were going to try their luck in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina, where they lived and worked for years, never losing contact with their relatives.

Later, many of them returned, and some did it with the fortune they had been looking for. With this wealth, they built different mansions on the seafront (Promenade Jacint Verdaguer), which today remind us of the Cuban contructions. You can find houses of neoclassical, modernist and eclectic style, where the arcades and the inner gardens predominate with landscapes of overseas.

However, this was not their only urban transformation in the town, since they also contributed to the financing of public works, as well as a hospital, the schools...

Some examples of these architectural works that you can visit, with an "Indian" footprint, can be: Casa Garriga, the Parochial House and the Church of Sant Romà, the House of Nicolau Font i Maig, the cemetery of the Indians, the Cross of Terme and Mare de Déu de Gràcia chapel, the Monastery of Sant Pere del Bosc, among others.

Activities for the whole family at the "Fair of the Americans"

To recall and publicize its Indian past, every year Lloret de Mar organizes the "Fair of the Americans" an event will take place from June 15th to the 17th.

During these three days, the village will welcome very different activities for a family or friends getaway! You will find an Indian market, located in the town square, which will also have different craft trades. In addition, there will also be: guided tours of the Museu del Mar, theatricalized visits, children shows, exhibitions, conferences, Latin music concerts, salsa workshops and Caribbean dances... And we can forget the cocktail demonstrations of the famous "Daiquiri"!

 "Daiquiri", a typical cocktail from Lloret de Mar

 It is true that the "Americans" returned to Lloret influencing the architecture of the town, but it is also true that it came along with other surprises! One of them is the cocktail "Daiquiri", conceived by Constantin Ribalaigua who was from Lloret. A little rum, a teaspoon of sugar, a half cuban green lemon juice and five drops of Marraschino, served in a broad glass previously frozen. And there we have the "Daiquiri"!

This is how Constantí invented this exotic drink in "La Floridita", the restaurant that he opened in Cuba. A space that eventually became known as "The Cathedral of Daiquiri" and he as "The Cocktail King." Isn’t it amazing? :)

Since then, the "Daiquiri" is a Cuban drink that has become popular in Lloret de Mar, and for that reason there are competitions and cocktail shows during the "Fair of the Americans." Do you feel like trying it? There is no doubt this is a refreshing option for the hot days :)

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Do you also think that there is nothing better than knowing the past of a place to understand its present? Don’t miss out the "Fair of the Americans" to discover this curious side of Lloret de Mar :)