The most terrifying Halloween in Rosamar Hotels!

The most terrifying Halloween in Rosamar Hotels!

11.10.2019 в мир Rosamar

Halloween is around the corner! In a few days, children and adults will be dressed up as the most terrifying characters, they will walk through the city streets to scare people, they will ring the house’s bells and ask for sweets, they will gather to tell each other scary stories...

At Rosamar Hotels we have already started organizing different Halloween activities, so you can experience this exciting family day and have an unforgettable memory of your holidays in Lloret de Mar!

For many years we have been celebrating the Halloween party at Rosamar Hotels, and that is why we could say that we are specialists in this celebration!

Would you like to know the most famous Halloween legends to tell your children? In this new blog post we want to share with you some of the stories that have accompanied us during all these years of experience!

In addition, in this new blog post, we will also tell you what we have programmed in our Rosamar Hotels establishments, so that you can get an idea of ​​everything that you will experience! 


The most popular Halloween legends


The Halloween legends have been passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition. Hence, over time, stories have been modified or new details have been added.

We invite you to read to the little ones at home the stories you'll find next. But, before, make sure you find an ideal space for the occasion and put yourself in the role of a good storyteller! We are sure you will tell them with great enthusiasm. Just because they deserve it :)

1. The Ernesta pumpkin

The story of "The sad pumpkin" takes place in a country house, separated from the rest of the population, where a family who grew fruit and vegetables and cared for animals was living. There were all kind of farm animals: cows, little pigs, cocks, chickens ...
In the house’s garden, there was also a small orchard, where there were no pumpkins in the fall season!

One day, one of the garden pumpkins woke up. Her name was Ernesta and it was the smallest of all the pumpkins. The farmer saw how she moved, and he suddenly grabbed her and threw her into the trash, saying, "What a small pumpkin! It is useless!"
Ernesta couldn’t believe that she was being moved away from the rest of her mates and in such a manner. She got very sad and angry at the same time. She was so angry that her anger made her change her appearance: scars began to emerge on her face and her smile turned into a scary smile.

From that day on, Ernesta decided that every Halloween night would scare the farmer’s children.

It didn't take long for the farmer to find it out, but when he wanted to pick her up to apologize, it was too late.  

Today the pumpkin is still loose. Perhaps, if she ever returns with her fellow pumpkins, she will be good again.

Do you know what the most important thing about this story is? Do not judge people by their appearances!

2. The naughty ghost

"The naughty ghost" revolves around a girl named Anna. She was only seven years old, but she already believed in ghosts and witches.

One Halloween night, Anna left disguised with her friends. Like the rest of the children, they went for a walk through all the town houses to get all the candies they could.

When the little girl came home, she left all the sweets, candy and chocolates in closet of her room. She didn’t want anyone to find them, and that's why she hid them!
It didn’t take her long to fall asleep. However, at midnight she began to hear some noises coming from the bottom of her closet. Suddenly, she got up and ran to look at what was going on.

Anna's hands, legs and whole body trembled, although this didn’t stop her from opening the door and seeing what she had in front of her eyes: a ghost!

The next morning she immediately explained it to her parents, but there was absolutely nothing in the closet. Her mother tried to convince her that it had only been a dream, but today Ana still wonders who took out all the sweets she had collected during the Halloween night.



Halloween at Rosamar Hotels

Are you looking forward to a Halloween experience? Like every year, Rosamar Hotels will have special activities throughout the day. And whoever wants to, can participate in our costume contest and win a fantastic prize!
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If you wish to organize a trip with your family or friends, move away from everyday life and live a different Halloween, we are sure that you can do it with us! Do you want to discover it with us?