Why does the sea boost your mood and health?

Why does the sea boost your mood and health?

16.07.2020 Благополучие

It is a fact that the sea is a pleasure for all the senses, but what does it have this landscape that make us so happy?

That feeling of happiness and freedom after the first dip... or that moment of reconnection with oneself when observing the relaxing waves of the sea... In this post we explain some reasons why the sea boost our mood. Surely after reading this article you will want to spend your next holidays by the sea!


The sound of the sea helps to relax

The sea prevents insomnia, reduces stress and depressive symptoms. The harmonic, predictable, smooth and regular interval sound of ocean waves can be very therapeutic for humans. This helps decrease anxiety, normalize blood pressure and treat nervousness.



Water and sea breeze have many health benefits

For people with respiratory problems, such as cough or asthma, water and the sea breeze helps them to breathe easier. The iodine in the water carried by the sea breeze is a natural medicine for our respiratory system. It helps the body to eliminate toxins and other elements that attack the lungs.



Spending a few days on the beach improves self esteem

Surely after spending a few days on the beach, you feel capable of everything. That's because we feel happier and more relaxed. In addition, the sea water makes our skin look better thanks to the minerals it contains.



Beach is synonymous of holidays

Most people on the beach are on holidays and that makes it a happy place for many people. Also, when we are on holidays we spend a lot of time with people we care about. We invest more quality time with our loved ones and that makes us very happy.

In addition, on the beach you just have to worry about choosing an ice-cream flavor or searching for a good place to eat paella ... much better than day-to-day worries, isn't it?


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