10 Christmas gift ideas for someone who likes to travel

10 Christmas gift ideas for someone who likes to travel

03.12.2020 Местные праздники

Do you want to know what to give to a person who travels a lot? Or someone who is passionate about travelling? In this article you will find 10 original gift ideas for this Christmas, gifts to surprise your family, partner or friends who love to travel.


1. Travel board games

The best gift for someone that love to travel the world with the whole family. If the person you want to surprise this Christmas usually travels with children, they will surely love travel board games; Most of these games do not take up much space and it’s a great gift to have a good time during the family holidays.


2. Electronic book reader (ebook reader)

One of the best gifts for travellers is an ebook-reader, with which they can take more than 500 electronic books on their trips and, in addition, they are very practical to enjoy reading on the beach and on the plane. The Amazon ebook (Kindle) is the most popular one, but there are many ebook-readers on the market. If you know someone who likes to read and travel, this is a great gift for them!


3. Survival kit for adventurous travellers

If the person you want to surprise for Christmas is an experienced adventurer, they probably already have their own survival kit, however, you can give them original travel items, such as: A portable water purifier, a personalized utility knife or an elegant compass...


4. Compact, light and resistant camera

A perfect gift for someone who is going on a trip is a digital camera. Most travellers love to capture all those wonderful landscapes they are visiting. Any gift related to photography will be a sure hit for your dear traveller friend. But before buying a camera, first decide which camera is the best for travelling, to choose one keep these aspects in mind:

5. Waterproof backpack

Has it ever happened to you to open your suitcase at the hotel and see that the shampoo has been spilled all over the clothes... If you travel by plane, there is always a risk of spilling liquids or gels that are in the luggage. Therefore, it is very practical to use waterproof luggage and bags. Also, if you are travelling to a snow or beach destination, you will surely want a small waterproof backpack to be able to swim or ski without worrying about getting your belongings wet.


6. Personalized travel journal

A nice gift for travellers is a travel journal, a notebook to write down or draw all their travel experiences around the world. To make this gift even more special, you can personalize the notebook cover with a message like “NAME Adventures around the world”, they will surely love it!


7. Photo album

Your last trip was amazing, but the photos are still on the cloud? Then, this Christmas give your favourite travel companion a nice photo album. You can also choose the best photo and frame it to always remember the beautiful moments you spent together.


8. Language or cooking course

Does your friend keep saying that he/she would love to learn to cook the food of X country? In these case, the best gift is a cooking course from that country. And, if what they like the most about travelling is to learn new languages, you can also buy an online language course, with native teachers. This way, when they travel to their favourite destination again, they will be able to connect with the locals.



9. World Map

It is a classic travel gift, but it is so exiting to check what countries you haven't visit yet! There are all kinds of them world maps: vinyl, cork, globe ... But the ones that make you dream are the ones that allow you to write down or scratch all those visited countries.


10. Surprise beach holiday

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