Tips for organising the first holidays with your child

Tips for organising the first holidays with your child

10.12.2019 Семейные мероприятия

Traveling with children is not easy, it is often considered as an impediment, but far from this, it ends up being a reason to spend together an unforgettable family holiday. It is important to take some precautions, organise yourself, use imagination whenever necessary and be willing to have a great time!

If you want to organise the first holidays with your little one, don’t worry about the many things you think that you’ll have to take with you. Follow our advice to make of your holidays some special days with your little one!


Things to keep in mind when preparing your holidays with your child

1.       The destination, the key point. Choose a suitable destination for everyone. Do not try to spend your day doing cultural visits or being all day in the sun on the beach with your toddler. Find a destination that offers you alternative plans for everyone. Bear in mind that if he's ok, you will also be!


2.       The accommodation. Choose a good base camp that offers you all the services you need. If your child still has a different meal schedule, you will be very comfortable in an apartment with kitchen, so you can take his lunch away in a small refrigerator, or warm up his meals comfortably. At bedtime, whether your share the bed or he sleeps alone, we advise you to push the bed against the wall to avoid dangers. Speak with the accommodation before arriving, they will for sure help you with what you need.


3.       Meals. During your holidays, comfort is greatly appreciated. If the restaurants where you go have highchairs, changing rooms and children's areas will provide you with moments of tranquility that you will always remember. Search for all-inclusive hotels, they are the best option to enjoy the kids without worrying of anything!


4.       The suitcase. We recommend that you prepare the child’s one first. Start with the things that are most difficult to find at the destination. Your favorite cuddly, the pacifier, or some small toys that keeps him busy during the journeys. Next, diapers, wet towels, his clothes and what you may need for his feeding (for example, baby bottles, if necessary). Finally, pack the adults’ suitcase.

Do not let this step overwhelm you. Today you can find everything you need almost everywhere, so be careful with the "just in case"!

Things you shouldn’t forget:

- Caps and full screen sun cream if you travel in summer.

- A kit with antipyretic, bug repellent, physiological serum...

- An ergonomic baby backpack. In the journeys in which the stroller is not practical, it is a great option.


5.       The journey. It may seem tough, but we recommend you to travel at night, while children sleep. So they don’t realise about the tedious part of traveling, and that gives you more relax.

If you make the journey by car, make sure his seat is approved and that he’s properly tied. Security and protection are basic aspects that we must respect throughout the journey.

If you are traveling by plane, however, you can take him on your lap, so he feels safe. We recommend you to give him his bottle, pacifier or breast, if he still breastfeeds during takeoff and landing to avoid the pressure in his ears.

Prepare songs, little snacks and small toys that he likes to make the journey more pleasant. Oh, and if it's a long journey, dressing him with comfortable clothes will help make the trip a little more enjoyable.


6.       Enjoy the preparations! Make plans but with the freedom not to follow them! The holidays are to skip the routine, but try to respect his sleep and meals schedules as much as possible. They are often irritable if they don’t eat or sleep when they need it.

You will probably come back home more tired than you have left, but do you know what? The truly important thing is the happiness that will generate you to see your kid discovering different things and living new experiences together.


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We hope these tips to organize your first holidays with your little one will help you to make of it a perfect time. From Rosamar Hotels we will love being part of your family memories!

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