What’s not to be missed if you come to Lloret de Mar

What’s not to be missed if you come to Lloret de Mar

28.04.2017 Деятельность в Лоре де Мар

There are those who unpack their suitcase after Easter and can’t help but start thinking about their next holiday. Does that sound familiar?

If you have chosen Lloret de Mar as your next destination, or if it’s on your list of choices, in this article we will give you some tips so that you can enjoy this part of the Costa Brava to the fullest.

The sun, the beaches and great weather is why Lloret de Mar receives more than one million tourists every year. However, these are just a part of its charm, and that's why we want you to discover a few other spots that just cannot be missed during your stay with us!


La Cala Sa Boadella 

The beach cove of Cala Sa Boadella is not one of Lloret de Mar’s most famous beaches, and for this reason it is one of our favourites! It has crystalline waters which are perfect for snorkelling, and because it can only be accessed on foot, you can breathe in the peace and tranquillity when you get there. So, grab a towel, a swim suit, and with just a 10 minute walk from the Rosamar & SPA hotel, you are there!


 El Castell d’en Plaja 

Less than 5 minutes from the Rosamar Marítim Hotel you can also find the Castell d’en Plaja (The Beach Castle), a mandatory stop. It is in very good condition, as it has been carefully conserved. You might consider visiting it after a walk along the promenade. You just might end up with the most picturesque photo of Lloret de Mar! ;)


 La Capella dels Sants Metges 

The churches of the Costa Brava stand out for their brilliant white colour. If you appreciate this type of buildings, you have to go and see the Capella del Sants Metges (Chapel of the Holy Doctors). The white façade is complemented with an electric blue that will definitely not leave you feeling indifferent.


 The Santa Clotilde Gardens 

Lloret de Mar also has green areas, and the Santa Clotilde Gardens, as we mentioned in a previous blog "Plan your holidays with Rosamar Hotels", is one of the most popular spots to visit. While it is true that it is very popular, this is not a reason to miss out on a beautiful garden with sea views!

In this case, it would be a good idea to either drive or take the bus to get there.


When we travel, we discover new places and have experiences that will stay with us forever. At Rosamar Hotels, we would like to open the doors to unique places and create memories that will be, without a doubt, unforgettable!


So, do you fancy coming to enjoy the #RosamarExperience?