Why travel brings you life?

Why travel brings you life?

07.02.2019 в мир Rosamar

Travelling is trendy. No wonder since today it is easier than some years. Starting with the appearance of the Internet and the help it that has given us to organize a tailor-made trip the way we like it.

Take your cell phone or turn on your computer, and with a simple search on Google you already have the flight schedules and prices for your next destination. Some people go ahead and book the flights and the hotel straight away and there’s those who prefer to take their time to finish planning well the trip.

But in both cases the objective is the same: prepare your luggage to experience a new sensation and discover a new place in the world.

New technological advances arise but there is something that remains the same: traveling fills you with life, and if now you have more opportunities to do it, why stay still?

If you are interested in the benefits of traveling, we welcome you to continue reading! We are sure that what you find out reading this article will make you think, and you will want to travel (even) more ;)


Invest in experiences, not in things

Money can sometimes be a concern to organize a trip. Someone could doubt: Should I save to buy a new car, or should I keep it for a while and book a super holiday (for example, in Lloret de Mar ;P)?

We are often unaware of the investment we are making with our money, and especially in the case of travelling. We give great importance to material things, as well as to daily wishes. We fall in love at first glance and think we will be happier if we buy them. Whims are not bad, but that desire and well-being, end up exhausting over the time.

What about the trips? Have you realized all the time that you can enjoy them? From the moment we start talking about a getaway, we plan it, reserve it, savour it and remember it.It is proven by the science that talking about a trip can bring us happiness (and longer) than talking about material goods. You will now discover why!


Main reasons to travel

Increase your knowledge

When traveling you know new cultures, new languages ​​and new ways of living. Knowing different lifestyles helps you to see that we are not unique to the world and makes you more empathetic with people from other countries.

You are more adventurous

Do scuba diving Jump from cliffs Overcome fear of heights. When we travel, we have the desire to experience new things and try out activities that make us feel the adrenaline. (Click here  to find out all the activities you can find in Lloret de Mar :))

Make friends from all over the world

Traveling can bring you a gift as beautiful as making friends around the world. In Rosamar Hotels, for example, you have the opportunity to stay with families or couples who also come on vacation from different places. You can share moments that, who knows, maybe afterwards you repeat them in each other’s the country ;)

You live the present (and you appreciate life more)

When you are traveling, you feel privileged because you know that not everyone can be in the same place as you. This raises your desire to enjoy the destination, which, thanks to your efforts you are now experiencing: spectacular landscapes, new cities, new beaches, new animals... and much more. You forget about everything and only have a worry: enjoy the moment!

Learn to manage mishaps

Sometimes not everything goes out as planned and alternatives must be sought. If it happens while you are traveling, in an unknown place that this will help you to react to these situations.

You discover yourself

Traveling also means leaving the comfort zone. Leave your usual place to dive into a new one. Escape from fears, from doubts as to what can happen, and just let yourself be carried away. Traveling will make you realize that you are able to do all that you wish to do and will let you know a little more of yourself.


Start the adventure with Rosamar Hotels!

After all that we have just shared with you, are you ready to start organizing a new trip to Costa Brava? And without a doubt, the best place to do it is Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar is known as the first sun and beach destination of Catalonia. In one year, it can be visited by more than 1 million tourists, from different nationalities.

The Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year and warm during the summer months, is ideal for outdoor activities: discover crystalline water beaches and paths bordering the sea, cycling, go to concerts and visit fairs that fill the streets of the town...

In addition, Lloret de Mar is recognized as a place for family tourism, as many of the establishments are certified with the Family Tourism Brand, as the Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort of the Rosamar Hotels group. It’s a hotel where the whole family can enjoy his gardens, pools and water slides, as well as the activities for kids, evening entertainment or adult activities!

You can also have entertainment activities and a Spa area for relax at the Hotel Rosamar & Spa.

Although, if your idea is coming with friends or with your partner, we have other offers at Rosamar Hotels: Hotel Rosamar MaritimHotel Rosamar Maxim-Adults Only and Hotel Rosamar Es Blau-Adults Only.


It is said that passion for travelling is contagious. We would be happy if we have achieve it with this simple article!