Healthy and easy breakfasts to start the day full of energy!

Healthy and easy breakfasts to start the day full of energy!

19.11.2020 Благополучие

It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, today we show you a list with some ideas to prepare healthy and easy breakfasts at home, nutritious breakfast for children and adults.

Check out our top 5 energy-boosting breakfast list! Easy, simple and delicious!


1. Banana oat bread

A great recipe for all the bread lovers out there. Having oat and banana bread for breakfast will give the energy you need until lunch. Carbohydrates will make your breakfast more energizing but, what we don't realize is that most breads in supermarkets use refined flour and with a lack of nutrients. Here is a simple, fast and healthy solution.



2. Omelette with mushrooms and avocado

For those who wake up hungry, you can prepare a meal with omelette, mushrooms, avocado, toast and a natural orange juice, a complete and very healthy breakfast. Also, if you are one of those who have little time in the morning, you can also enjoy breakfast by cooking the omelette and mushrooms in the microwave.



3. Homemade energy bars

Not everyone wakes up hungry in the morning, if you are waking up with a closed stomach, don't leave home on an empty stomach! Eat something that gives you a little boost of energy, maybe a piece of fruit, a toast or a smoothie. However, you can also prepare homemade energy bars.


5. Homemade muesli with fruits and nuts

Easy and quick breakfast ideal to face daily tasks. You can accompany the homemade muesli with milk, yogurt or juices. In addition, it can be sweetened with honey, sugar, cocoa powder or cinnamon. To prepare this delicious breakfast, you only need cereals such as oats and the seeds that you like the most, such as pipes or sesame.


6. Oat pancakes

The perfect breakfast to enjoy on the weekends that we are sure that your children or your partner will love. Besides being a nutritious breakfast to eat in the morning, you don't need many ingredients and you can cook them with bananas, eggs or apples. Oat pancakes are so simple to make!



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