10 reasons to make a family trip to Lloret de Mar

10 reasons to make a family trip to Lloret de Mar

29.01.2018 Familienaktivitäten

Have you ever thought about the advantages of having a family trip? Like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages, but the fact is that traveling with the family is the most!
Sometimes, someone can think that it is better to leave the children at home, fearing they will get bored and they won’t have anyone to play with or that they will not adapt well to the changes...

We have selected 10 reasons why we believe that having a family trip, and in Lloret de Mar, can be very beneficial for both the little ones and the adults! Ready to discover them?;)

1) You slow down

If you are used to a stressful life, traveling with children and adults will force you to take your things calmly. And definitely to enjoy the moment!

2) You get closer to your family members

Often there are families who are only together at the weekend. At Rosamar Garden Resort Hotel you can enjoy a thousand activities together! Starting with a good breakfast together, continuing with the slides of the Aquasplash and ending with our entertainment activities.

3) Each trip is a life lesson

Holidays can be an opportunity for young people to learn new cultures, to be more tolerant, to socialize and to behave politely, to organize themselves...

4) New friendships

The younger ones will meet other children with whom they can laugh, play, have fun and, ultimately, share unforgettable summer momentsHotel Rosamar Garden Resort, a hotel surrounded by gardens and green areas, is ideal for families who want to spend a vacation in Lloret de Mar!

5) New languages

When you travel to another country it always gives you the opportunity to learn a new language, meet the people staying in the same hotel as yours. With our entertainment activities, all family members will have the chance to meet people from all over the world for sure!

6) Discover different meals and flavors

A getaway to a new country or a new place, makes the youngest have the opportunity to try the traditional food of that place! The Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort's large buffet offers show cooking and themed dinners as well, traditional and international cuisine for you to try the most typical dishes!

7) Collect fun pictures

Making family albums allows you to gather all the memories of a trip and there is nothing nicer than taking pictures with the ones you love most. One day at the beach, another day walking along the promenade of Lloret de Mar, an image of the day you went shopping at the mall...

8) You have more fun

Children want to be active during the day and this involves you. The Sport Area of Rosamar Garden Resort is a perfect place to practice basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, table tennis... And much more games!

9) Plan your holidays in advance

Traveling with the whole family makes you organize your holidays in advance, look for the best deals and the cheapest options. And the truth is that much before the summer, you can use a lot of promotions! An example is the offers  that are currently available at Rosamar Hotels!

10) Anecdotes that will be forever

"Life is moments," states a very well-known phrase. We agree 100%, we must have and enjoy experiences and the best way is to share them with our family! With them, everything is more intense!
What are you waiting for to meet them all and propose a break in Lloret de Mar? ;)