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Hotel Lloret de Mar - Costa Brava - Spanien
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Lokale Feste

Come to the Lloret de Mar Carnival!

The Carnival of Lloret de Mar will transform this small city of the Costa Brava over the weekend of February 21st to 23rd. Do not miss it!

Aktivitäten in Lloret

What to do in Lloret de Mar? Activities and places, you can’t miss

Lloret de Mar is a beautiful town located at the southern end of the Costa Brava. Its privileged location allows you to enjoy extensive beaches, hidden coves with crystal-clear water and beautiful buildings, the result of the Indian past and its modernist legacy.


Ecotourism in Lloret de Mar. Manual of the conscious traveler

We are in an exceptional situation, it is time for reflection and thinking about the common good. The era of artificial intelligence has surprised us all with these circumstances, a temporary pause that is changing the way we perceive our environment. We only have one planet and we must care and respect it.