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Lloret de Mar Hotel - Costa Brava - Spain

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  • Hotel Rosamar & Spa:  +34 972 36 46 50
  • Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort:  +34 972 36 52 66
  • Hotel Rosamar Maritim:  +34 972 37 06 37
  • Hotel Rosamar Maxim:  +34 972 36 53 26
  • Hotel Rosamar Es Blau:  +34 972 34 65 23

* For inquiries related to your reservation, contact the Reservations Department by calling +34 972 36 44 22.

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Beaches and coves in Lloret de Mar Nature

Beaches and coves in Lloret de Mar

In summer the temperatures rise and all you want is go for a swim on the beach. The town of Lloret de Mar, in the Costa Brava, has several urban beaches and hidden coves that makes it a perfect destination to go on a family, couple or friends vacations.

Discover the GR 92 Sport

Discover the GR 92

The GR 92 is one of the long-distance trails that cross Catalonia from north to south, from Cap de Creus to the Montsià mountain, passing very close by the Mediterranean Sea. Keep reading and we will tell you everything you didn't know about this paradise for hikers and travellers.

Santa Cristina festivity, patron saint of Lloret de Mar Local festivities

Santa Cristina festivity, patron saint of Lloret de Mar

On July 24th is celebrated the summer festival in Lloret de Mar, in honour of the city's patron saint, Santa Cristina. During this day, different events are held, among which the procession to the Santa Cristina Hermitage, the S’Amorra Amorra regatta or the traditional dance in the Plaza de la Vila (“Ball de Plaça”) stand out.