7 ideas to surprise children on Three Wise Men Day

7 ideas to surprise children on Three Wise Men Day

05.01.2021 Familienaktivitäten

This Christmas holiday, so popular in Spain, is celebrated every year on 6th January in many countries around the world. A tradition very similar to Santa but where the main characters are the Three Wise Men, who bring gifts to the children that have behaved well and coal to those who have behaved badly.

In this post we show you some ideas to make this day even more special for the little ones. Original ideas to proves that the Wise Men are real, as well as ideas to celebrate the Three Wise Men Day at home with the whole family. Keep reading to find out how!


Home-made Roscón de Reyes

This year, don't miss the roscón de Reyes! (Three wise men cake) The roscón is the typical spanish dessert on Three Wise Men Day, so why not make a home-made roscón with the family? We leave you a very easy recipe to prepare the roscón at home. Give your children the responsibility of decorating the roscón by putting some fruits, whipped cream, chocolate, jelly beans, sugar ...

To prepare this home-made roscón de reyes you just need: 500 g of flour, 200 ml of milk, 100 g of sugar, 1 egg, 60 g of fresh yeast, 120 g of butter and 10 g of salt.



Three Wise Men footprints

There is something very special about seeing the excitement on the children's faces as they realize that the Three Wise Men have been home. Parents can make this moment even more magical by leaving a proof that the Magi exist. One of the easiest ways is to leave footprints on the floor.

Take a look at the video below to learn how easy it is. If you want to add even more creativity, you can also create a camel footprint with the help of a template or your hands.


Personalized parchment

Children have been writing letters to the Three Wise Men for many, many years. Why not surprise your children with a reply from them? There are ways to make a royal letter even more special, such as personalizing the message with their name and putting few details like things they have done throughout the year. Watch the following video to create a reply vintage letter from the Three Wise Men.



Videos or photos of the Wise Men at home

Children are very curious, and they will surely love having visual proof that the Magi really exist. You don't have to be an expert in Photoshop, there are very intuitive apps to record or take pictures of your home and make the Three Kings appear on the screen.


Magi treasure hunt

Make the happiness of receiving the Wise Men gift longer! You can hide the most awaited gift somewhere in your home and give your children the clues to find the treasure. Kids love finding clues that lead them to gifts, a way to make the excitement last longer.


Food for the Three Kings and the camels

One of the most beautiful gestures is to leave something to eat and drink for their Majesties. The Three Wise Men deliver gifts to millions of children in one night, which can be very exhausting. So let your children prepare a delicious snack, like cookies and milk for the Kings, and vegetables and water for the royal camels. Before you go to bed, make sure you leave it all like if the Magi were there and a thank-you note for the snack. They will love it!


Shoes with candy

It is recommended that each member of the house leaves a shoe next to the Christmas Tree so that the Magi can quickly calculate how many people live there and not leave anyone without a gift. Since this year children won't be able to collect candies on the Three Men Wise parade, you can put few candies inside their shoes to keep their Christmas spirit high.


These are just some ideas so that, despite the restrictions of the pandemic, the Three Wise Men day being as special as always.

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