Hidden coves in and around Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava

Hidden coves in and around Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava

31.07.2020 Natur

The hidden coves of the Costa Brava are perfect for couples seeking peace and privacy during their beach holidays.

In Lloret de Mar you will find hidden coves where you can enjoy an intimate day and avoid the crowds. Breathtaking coves of turquoise waters, abundant vegetation, steep cliffs and a nice sea breeze.
Many of these secret coves in and around Lloret de Mar are hard to reach so, we recommend you to be well-prepared to walk through rocky areas and irregular paths.


Cala dels Frares - Lloret de Mar

Very rocky cove located at the foot of a cliff. Cala dels Frares is, without a doubt, a unique and remote cove on the Costa Brava. Not having the basic services of the beaches, it is usually not crowded. You can access to Cala dels Frares wlaking through the camino de ronda of Lloret de Mar.
Spend a day with your partner walking on the camino de ronda and enjoy a dip in one of the best secret coves of Lloret de Mar.


Cala Rajols - Lloret de Mar

A very quiet cove next to Cala Canyelles, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava. It is a secret cove in Lloret de Mar because it is hidden behind few rocks. It is very easy to access if you follow the seashore from Cala Canyelles. In Cala Rajols you can enjoy calm waters and thick, golden sand.


Cala Morisca - Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar

Cove located between Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar, surrounded by rocks and vegetation. A quiet place perfect for fishing or snorkeling. It is a hidden cove so there are just a few options to get there. One option is to walk from Llorell Bay, about 400 meters on foot, or access from the direct path that starts in the urbanización Playa Brava.


Cala Forcanera - Blanes

Cala Forcanera is one of those coves on the Costa Brava so hidden that the only possible way to reach the cove is from the sea. A stunning secret cove and unknown to most visitors.
If you have the opportunity to go on a boat trip during your holidays in Lloret de Mar, don't miss this little paradise isolated from the urban world.
Cala Forcanera is located under a cliff, at the foot of the wonderful Marimurtra Botanical Garden, between Santa Anna beach and Cala Sant Francesc. An idyllic natural landscape!

If these coves are too remote and inaccessible for you, take a look at our post about the most beautiful beaches and coves in Lloret de Mar. If you are planning to spend your summer holidays on the Costa Brava, in Lloret de Mar you will find wonderful beaches and coves for all tastes.
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