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5 Easy Christmas crafts for children

5 Easy Christmas crafts for children

10.12.2020 Family activities

It's almost Christmas time! It's time to embrace the Christmas spirit! This year, it's important to stay home and create easy Chritmas craft with your children. Christmas crafts are a great way to entertain the little ones and a way to develop their creativity, as well as spend some beautiful moments with the family.

Today we show you 5 easy Christmas crafts for children of all ages: Christmas tree decorations and DIY Christmas gifts for the whole family. They will love it!

Once the craft session with the children is over, make sure to use it as part of the Christmas decoration of your home, the little ones will be so proud, and they will surely want to show their little art pieces to everyone!


1. Christmas figures with salt dough

To make the salt paste you only need: 1 cup of salt, 1 and a half cups of flour and

Ideally, put the salt and flour in a bowl and add water little by little until you get a moldable dough. Once the figures are created, let them air dry for a few hours. It is advisable to turn them so that they are very dry on both sides. You can also bake them so that the drying process is faster, but at no more than 100º and making sure they do not break. Once they are cold and dry, all that remains is to paint and your Christmas figurines with salt dough will be ready.



2. Home-made Christmas nativity scene

One of the main Spanish traditions during Christmas time is to put the Nativity Scene (Portal de Belén in Spanish) at home, it's so popular that even in many spanish towns there are Nativity Scenes contests. Creating the Nativity Scene can be a very fun Christmas activity, especially for children.

You can create the Portal de Belén with figures of salt dough, Legos, cardboard, paper, ice cream sticks or, simply, with the classic Nativity figures that are sold at Christmas markets and let the children create the scene, for example, with tree leaves, sand or branches; a perfect excuse to enjoy a family trip to the beach or to the mountains.


3. Christmas photo frame

If the idea is to create a Christmas gift for someone special, you can organize a workshop of photo frames with Christmas decorations, a very special gift for parents and grandparents.

We leave you a video from the Craft Stack channel where they show how to make a home-made and easy photo frame:



4. Painted pine cones

Another easy DIY Christmas decoration to do with children is to paint pine cones from the forest. You just need Christmas coloured paint and maybe a little glitter, whichever you like best! It is a great ornament idea to create beautiful centrepieces and even to decorate the Christmas tree.




5. Paper snowflakes

Decorate the windows with snowflakes, it will give your home a most Christmas atmosphere! You don't have to be an origami artist, making paper snowflakes is very easy. If the little ones in the house still don't know how to use scissors, let them draw the shapes with a pencil and the older ones make the cutouts, they will surely be very amused to see the result!

Now that you have some ideas to create easy Christmas decorations for children, go ahead and try some with the little ones so that your home is full of art and creativity!

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The Rosamar Hotels team wishes you happy holidays!

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