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Ecotourism in Lloret de Mar. Manual of the conscious traveler

Ecotourism in Lloret de Mar. Manual of the conscious traveler

03.04.2020 Nature

What is ecotourism? Ecotourism is to be a responsible traveler. Being an ecotourist is more than just a trend, it's a virtue that will benefit the region you visit, but also the whole world. The main feature of ecotourism is to find the balance between the ecological and tourism industry, based on a sustainable development. Discover how to be a responsible tourist in Lloret de Mar, we tell you how!


Be a responsible tourist in Lloret de Mar

No wonder the Costa Brava is a good place for ecotourism in Catalonia. Destinations such as Lloret de Mar have impressive natural and cultural spaces, and at the same time, is a land which welcomes visitors from all over the word.

If you have been a conventional tourist all your life, do not hesitate and go eco-traveler. Eco-travel in Lloret de Mar and in any destination you plan to visit. We will all win! Follow our tips and put them into practice on your next visit to Rosamar Hotels.


Shift your mindset

 Before traveling, you must plan and do some research about the places you are about to visit, their local regulations from the goverment or even from environmental nonprofits organizations. For example, if you have planned a family holiday in Lloret de Mar, explain to the little ones the importance of respecting the local fauna and flora, and the consequences of littering and leaving their waste behind.


Sustainable transport

Use more public transport and go walking or use a bike for short distances. If these options do not fit your needs, you also can use electric vehicles. Nowadays it is easy to find taxis or rental cars more oriented to sustainability.
Sustainable Luggage. Use 100% natural beauty products. Think that everything we put on our skin ends up in rivers, on the beaches or pipes, as happens with sunscreen creams.


Optimization of resources

Make responsible use of amenities, as well as light and air conditioning. Use the same towel for several days. We all like to use clean sheets or towels every day, but this will save a lot of water, energy and detergent.



Be careful with all the waste you generate. If you go to the beach or to the mountain, pick up all your litter and throw it in the right recycling bin. Do not let the good practices remain only in your domestic environment. We must take care of our planet day by day!
Local and fair trade products. If you during holidays in Lloret de Mar you want to buy a souvenir, buy it in local artisan shops, or visit the weekly market in Lloret de Mar, you will surely find what you are looking for!


Go to restaurants that use products from local farming and food

It's not just about tasting the typical flavors of the region, but also about reducing pollution. The less distribution a product require, the more ecological is the product.

Rosamar Hotels restaurants, for example, are supplied by companies in the area. In general, you will find a Mediterranean diet dishes, based on fresh food from local producers, such as the Restaurant Avi Pere, where you can taste salads and grilled meat and fish. In addition, you will also find a wide range of international dishes.


Rosamar Hotels de Lloret de Mar, hotels adapted to you

Remember that after every storm, there is a rainbow and at Rosamar Hotels we will be ready to receive everyone who wants to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Lloret de Mar. We encourage you to make your reservations now, obviously with the certainty that if our hotels remain closed by that time, your cancellation will be completely free of charge. But now, please #stayhome and discover Lloret de Mar with us from our blog.


In our official website of Rosamar Hotels you will find all the information about the services we offer: Entertainment for all ages. Supervised activities for children: crafts, aquatic activities, shows, workshops. And activities for adults: aquagym, aerobics or darts. Slides, pools and water games. Outdoor, indoor and slide pools for the whole family to enjoy their days in Lloret de Mar.


SPA i Fitness Center. Searching for hotels in Lloret de Mar with Spa and fitness center? All our hotels have one! Hotels with fitness centers, heated saltwater pool with hydromassage, chill out area with sunbeds and beautiful gardens. And now you can enjoy the new Vitality Spa and Fitness Center at Hotel Rosamar & Spa, a modern spa, only for adults, and equipped with a sauna, hammam, contrast showers, thermal loungers...

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