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Activities in Lloret de Mar for your holidays

15.04.2021 Family activities

First, to organize the holidays in the best possible way, it is necessary that you and your companions are clear about what type of holidays you want to have. A relaxing holiday or perhaps an adventure vacation? A family vacation, with your couple or with friends?

Lloret de Mar offers different options for all interest, once you have decided the tourist destination, it is time to organize your holidays according to the days and choose the activities you would like to do.  Organization it is important to avoid that you have left a must-see to discover or an adventure to live when you get home.

Keep in mind that, because of the current situation we are, the schedules of the activities and facilities that we propose below, may be modified.

So, to help you easily organize your trip, we want to share with you a list of essentials to make your holidays in Lloret de Mar unforgettable!


Family activities to do in Lloret de Mar

If you are one of those who travel with kids and have chosen Lloret de Mar as a holiday destination, endless family activities await you, such as the ones we propose below:

  • Troll Adventure, a park with zip lines in the trees, circuits, hanging platforms and slides, where you will be in touch with nature all time.
  • Waterworld Lloret De Mar, one of the largest and most exciting water parks in Europe.
  • Gnomo Park, which has rides, inflatables, trampolines, miniature golf, children's area, soft paintball, cafeteria and much more!
  • Santa Clotilde Botanical Gardens, a noucentisme style garden located on a cliff where you can walk and enjoy incredible views over the sea. An alternative plan for a family activity to discover one of the loveliest corners of Lloret de Mar.
  • Magic Park, a leisure games place for the whole family, from the little ones to the adults will have fun.
  • Escapa't Lloret, the Roomescape trend comes to Lloret, a cooperative game for 4 to 6 players, which consists of leaving a room where you are locked up using your ingenuity. In this case, you and your family will have to solve the mystery of the Time Machine. Do you dare to put on your detective hat?
  • Go Karts Lloret de Mar, if you want to live a different life experience and feel the adrenaline rush this is a good option for you (for children from 7 years old).



These suggestions for family activities are not the only ones you can do during your holidays in Lloret de Mar. If you keep reading this article, you will discover other activities recommended to do as a family, such as bathing in the best beaches in Lloret, or bike tours.

Live your family vacations through the Rosamar experience, where you will find the perfect hotels for families while you can enjoy a wide range of activities suitable for the whole family.


Cultural visits in Lloret de Mar

Are you a culture lover and when you travel you like to make a list with the most important historical monuments of the destination, so you do not forget to visit any? Then Lloret de Mar is your perfect destination.  We invite you to discover the places where a unique culture is hiding.

  • The Modernist Cemetery, one of the most important modernist cemeteries in Catalonia declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, where you will discover the footprint of the city's Indian families who promoted it.
  • The Sanctuary of Sant Pere del Bosc, a heritage complex located 6 km from the center of Lloret and which is part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.
  • The Maritime Museum, where you will find from different naval models, photographs, to paintings of the well-known Carreter Gomis.
  • The Ermita de Santa Cristina has a Greco-Roman style and it is a temple part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.
  • Sant Romà Church, one of the most representative places in Lloret de Mar, a modernism style church located right in the city center.
  • Dona Marinera monument, it is the most famous statue in the city. It was built as a tribute to the women who said goodbye to their husbands who at that time were sailing for long periods to seek the fortune on the other side of the Atlantic. The legend says if you touch the statue’s feet while looking at the horizon, all your wishes will come true!


Sports holidays in Lloret de Mar

If sports are your passion, come to live an adventure, a unique sports holiday in Lloret de Mar!

The city has a wide range of sports options that you can practice:

  • Water sports, from diving, snorkeling, kayaking or even swimming routes by the sea. For example, the Vies Braves is a public network of marine itineraries through the Mediterranean Sea where you can enjoy swimming in open water. The beginning is in the south of the Fenals beach to the Santa Cristina beach.
  • Routes in MTB where you can explore the mountains of the city and discover the trails and forests. If you are passionate about cycling, take a look at our article The best MTB routes in Lloret de Mar where you can discover a wide proposal of bicycle tours.
  • Hiking through the different itineraries on foot that run along and surround the Lloret coast.



Best beaches in Lloret de Mar

Are you a beach holiday fan? Then escape to Lloret de Mar where the best Costa Brava beaches and coves await you, from the best known and busiest, to the most hidden and less movement, you can choose the perfect one for you or discover more than one to experience different points from the Costa Brava beaches.



If you are encouraged and you want to visit and experience Lloret de Mar, we invite you to discover Rosamar Hotels, stay in our hotels right to the beach and make your holidays unforgettable!