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Routes for exploring Lloret de Mar

Routes for exploring Lloret de Mar

06.03.2017 Activities in Lloret

Would you like to know the best way of being in direct contact with nature and the Costa Brava? Here at Rosamar Hotels, let us recommend you some routes to visit the area.

Lloret de Mar is a unique destination, ideal for the entire family. You can plan an active holiday that combines relaxation and the best physical shape in a perfect destination for all sports lovers, in every single way :)

Get to know the area, find its hidden places and make your way into the town!


If you are a hiking lover, discover the seven itineraries that will take you around the whole region, from the most secluded coves in Lloret de Mar to the pine and holm oak forests located inland. A perfect mix for a spring, summer or autumn outing!

If you enjoy hiking, you’ll be able to discover all the secrets of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean and, at the same time, learn more about the cultural heritage of Lloret de Mar.

Cycling tracks

Lloret de Mar forms part of the “La Selva BTT Centre”, offering all visitors to the town a set of itineraries on which to set out on their mountain bikes. These tracks are marked by their degree of difficulty and also provide services such as places for repairing and washing your bike if you’re staying in Lloret.

And, if you prefer road cycling, you’ll find 8 routes in the town, designed for all levels!

So, if you love cycling, don’t leave your bike at home this holiday!

Vías Bravas

(open water courses)

If you like swimming in the open sea, in Lloret de Mar you will find two vías bravas of similar distances:

    -    From Lloret de Mar to Fenals à 1.3 km water course

    -    From Fenals to Santa Cristina à 1.2 km water course

A different and very special way of getting to know the Mediterranean Sea!

So how about spending a unique holiday in Lloret de Mar? We look forward to providing you with one at Rosamar Hotels :)

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