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Sant Jordi's Day, one of the most beautiful Catalan traditions

Sant Jordi's Day, one of the most beautiful Catalan traditions

21.04.2022 Local festivities Culture

On April 23 takes place the Sant Jordi's Day, one of the most popular celebrations in Catalonia. During this special day, the streets and squares of towns and cities become a huge open-air bookstore and florist, with many cultural and musical activities. Do not miss it!

For many Catalans, the Sant Jordi's Day is one of the most beautiful days of the year. From early in the morning, different groups of people, merchants, associations and even high school and university students set up their stalls to sell books and roses, the two most significant things of this celebration, symbols of culture and love.

It is a specially romantic day in Catalonia. Many consider Sant Jordi as the patron saint of lovers in Catalonia, equating it with Saint Valentine. On Sant Jordi day, it is very common for couples and loved ones to exchange roses and books as a sign of love and esteem, a tradition that dates back to the Sant Jordi’s legend.

Sant Jordi’s legend

According to the legend, on April 23rd died a knight called Jordi, a brave young man who risked his life fighting a dragon that was devoted to frightening the population of Montblanc, a village located in the province of Tarragona, in the south of Catalonia.

To avoid the attacks of the dragon, a maid, which was chosen through a popular vote, had to be delivered every day to the dragon. However, the day came when the chosen one was the daughter of the king, princess Violant.

Sant Jordi was the only knight who wanted to face the dragon to save the young princess. He beat him clutching his sword into his heart. It is said, that from the blood of the dragon's heart a red rose was born. Therefore on Sant Jordi’s Day, men give a rose to the women they love.

Princess Violant, after being saved by the knight, wrote a poem of love, reason why women give away a book to their couples.


International Book Day

April 23 also coincides with International Book and Copyright Day, a holiday that is institutionalized in more than 100 countries, most of them Spanish and Portuguese-speaking. During this day, many writers hold book signings and exchange impressions of street reading with the readers.

This date is a good opportunity to get the latest publishing news and get the signature of some of your favorite writers, especially in the city of Barcelona, where book stalls run through the main streets of the city, such as the emblematic Passeig de Gràcia.


Curiosities about Sant Jordi

The legend of Sant Jordi is common in some European countries, such as England, Greece and Portugal. In England, for example, Saint George's Day is celebrated and although the legend and symbols of this day are quite similar, the celebration is a bit different: the English take to the streets to celebrate it with parades, music and they wear a rose.

The legend of Sant Jordi has been a source of inspiration for many artists. One of the most representative examples is the Casa Batlló in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí represented the legend of Sant Jordi in the architecture of the building to keep the tradition alive over the years. One of the clearest examples are the ceramic tiles in the form of scales on the roof, which represent the dragon's back.


On Sant Jordi's Day, between 7 and 8% of annual book sales in Catalonia are concentrated. in 2021, book sales reached 1.3 million copies. This same year, more than 4 million roses were sold, the price of which ranged from three euros for the simplest ones to 12 euros for those with more elaborate designs and with natural and sustainable materials.

Sant Jordi’s Day in Lloret de Mar

On Sant Jordi's day, in the streets of Lloret de Mar you can find a wide assortment of stalls to buy roses and books. But throughout the weekend you can enjoy cultural, musical or leisure activities for all ages: book and story readings, craft workshops, sardana dances...

Discover below all the activities scheduled in the city of Lloret de Mar for these dates!

Friday April 22

5:30 p.m: Sant Jordi and other dragon stories (story and magnet workshop by La Sal d’Olot) – Library

Exhibition of the works and artistic projects carried out by the students of the artistic baccalaureate of the High School Ramon Coll i Rodés (until May 3).

Saturday April 23

From 9 a.m. to 8 p.m: 41st Book and Rose Fair (story and magnet handicraft by La Sal d’Olot) – Promenade Verdaguer

10 a.m: 41st Book and Rose Fair Official opening – Promenade Verdaguer

10 a.m: Indiana Route and Can Font House Museum (guided tour in Catalan through the Lloret de Mar historic center and the Can Font House Museum) – Maritime museum.

12 noon: Més Tumàcat (musical show for the little ones) – Square la Vila

7:00 p.m: Sardanas audition by the Cobla Bisbal Jove – Square la Vila

Sunday April 24

6pm: Mare de sucre (a production of the National Theater of Catalonia and Specials Scene) – Lloret Mar Theater.


Celebrate Sant Jordi's day in Lloret de Mar

There is no doubt, the day of Sant Jordi is the perfect occasion to have a gift with our loved ones. How do you feel celebrating this very special tradition in one of our hotels in Lloret de Mar?

At Rosamar Hotels we have the best hotels for your getaway to Lloret de Mar. If you are going to enjoy this day with your couple, take a look at our hotels for adults only, Hotel Rosamar Es Blau Adults Only (+16) and Hotel Rosamar Maxim Adults Only (+18). If you prefer to enjoy this day with your family, Hotel Rosamar Maritim, Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort and Hotel Rosamar & Spa are perfect for you.

All our hotels are located very close to the sea, in front of Lloret de Mar beach and a few steps from the center of Lloret de Mar, the epicenter of this tradition.

Come and enjoy one of the most beautiful days of the year with Rosamar Hotels!


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