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The motor festival arrives to Lloret de Mar!

The motor festival arrives to Lloret de Mar!

06.05.2019 Local festivities

The Lloret Formula Weekend is one of the events in Lloret de Mar that has become an indispensable event over the years.

During a whole weekend in May, thousands of people come to our town to enjoy activities organized for the whole family, from the most little ones to the bigger ones.

Do not stop reading and get to know the full range of activities programmed during the Lloret Formula Weekend, which, among other events, make the month of May an ideal time to visit Lloret de Mar!

Reading this article, you will also know some tips that you might not know about the motor world, as well as other events that are scheduled in Lloret de Mar during this month: the Flowers Festival in Les Alegries, Girona Temps de Flors, Lloret Night Shopping...

Are you ready to make a note of all this and plan your visit to Lloret de Mar? ;)


Lloret Formula Weekend

The Lloret Formula Weekend is an event that takes place in Lloret de Mar at the weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th of May.

For three days, the whole family can enjoy different activities related to the world of the motor, from the driving of vehicles of all kinds, visit exhibitions of sporting vehicles to karting competitions... and much more!

And if you like shows, you can watch exhibitions by professional pilots doing tricks, jumps and impossible manoeuvres.

In addition, during the day you can walk peacefully through Village LLFW, an area with commercial stands where you can buy products related to the engine.

A day to feel strong emotions and to enjoy with the whole family!


Curiosities you may not know about the engine world

Do you know how many parts a car has? Do you know when the first car race in history took place? Discover these and other curiosities about the origin and evolution of the engine!

Demonstrate that you are an expert at the weekend of the Lloret Formula Weekend and suprise your family, partner or friends with this list of tips, which we have specially prepared for you ;)

1. How many parts does a car have?

Have you ever wondered how many different parts can a car have? The average number of necessary parts are about 30,000! Components ranging from the least detail of the body and the chassis, to the packing rings that keep everything together and allows the car driving.

2. The car with more kilometres

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the car that has travelled more kilometres in history is a Volvo 1800S of 1966, which has so far driven 5 million kilometres.

3. The addictive smell of a new car

Surely more than one has thought that the smell of a new car is pleasant, almost addictive. The result of this smell has to do with the combination of 60 organic components that disappear quickly.

4. When was the first speed limit established?

The first time a speed limit was set it was in 1965 in England. This limit was 24 km / h in an open road, 3 km / h in urban areas and 6 km / h in rural areas.

5. The maximum speed on a public highway

The highest speed record on a highway took place in 2017, when a driver of a Mercedez-Benz W125 Rekordwagen reached 432.7 km / h on an Autobahn, a freeway network without toll in Germany.

6. The first car race in history

The first car race took place in France, between the city of Bordeaux and Paris.


Other events in May in Lloret de Mar

If you come to Lloret de Mar this May, you can’t miss other important festivals like:

- Lloret Night Shopping (10th of May): Can you imagine that for a day the shops extend their normal hours? From 8:00 am to 0:30 p.m, you can shop with promotions and spectacular prices. You can also enjoy activities in the streets, such as fashion shows and live music.

- Girona Temps de Flors (from the 11th to the 19th of May): for two weeks Girona is dressed in floral projects that invite you to stroll through one of the oldest charming neighbourhoods of Catalonia. It is, without a doubt, the ideal date to visit this beautiful city.

- Flowers festival at Les Alegries (19th of May): a perfect day to visit on of the most important hermitages of Lloret. It is decorated with flowers of different shapes and colours.

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Come and enjoy the good weather of the Costa Brava, discover events like the Lloret Formula Weekend and collect moments with your loved ones that will be a memory forever!

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