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Lloret de Mar Hotel - Costa Brava - Spain

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Practice sports in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is an excellent town to practice sports such as swimming, hiking and cycling on the Costa Brava. In addition, it has a wide range of activities for adults and adventure sports perfect for couples or groups.
Lloret de Mar is an ideal starting point from which to practise outdoor sports, thanks to its natural environment, beautiful scenery and a mild Mediterranean climate all year round.

The village of Lloret and its surrounding area is full sea and land marked trails, paths and itineraries for nature lovers. The best way to discover the natural essence of the Costa Brava is to follow these itineraries by swimming, walking or cycling, and staying at Hotel Rosamar Es Blau, a specialised accommodation for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. 

Montbarbat - Vidreres by MTB

Distance: 43 km

This is the most spectacular mountain bike itinerary in the area, with strong ascents followed by fast and fun descents.

It is a fairly technical, entertaining route, with panoramic views over peak Montbarbat and surprises such as medieval buildings hidden in the woods.

Montbarbat - Vidreres by MTB

Puig de Cadiretes by MTB

Distance: 42,5 km

The mountain known as Puig de Cadiretes is one of the highest points of the coastal massif Cadiretes, with 518.7m. From the top, it offers spectacular views of the massif and the coast. The MTB itinerary is demanding at first, with many intermittent ascents, although it does not present any technical difficulties.

Puig de Cadiretes by MTB

Empordà by road bike

Distance: 132 km

This is the most popular road bike route in the area, which runs through Lloret, Calonge, La Bisbal, Santa Pelaia and Sant Grau. The beauty of the coastal road, with spectacular views over the Mediterranean, is incomparable. The route continues towards the interior of the Costa Brava, the Empordà, with 3 mountain passes, equally demanding as emblematic!

The Empordà by road bike

Lloret de Mar - Vidreres, by Caulès Chapel

Distance: 21.4 km (one way)

This trail, which can be followed by foot or by bicycle, is a great way to discover the woods and mountain that protect Lloret de Mar from inland. You can follow the trail up to Caulès Chappel (13.6 km), a small chapel from the 10th century, very dear to the locals, or continue from here to the town of Vidreres. On your way, you will find the opportunity to discover the 12th century Castle of Sant Iscle.

Lloret de Mar - Vidreres, by Caulès Chapel

The GR 92 coastal path

Distance: 18.8 km (coast) / 28 km (inland)

The famous Camino de Ronda (coastal path) of the Costa Brava is the essential route for all active holidays in Lloret de Mar. The GR 92 runs along the entire Catalan coast, and in Lloret de Mar, the itinerary starts very close to Hotel Rosamar Es Blau. The other route, the GR 92-2, can be followed by bicycle and by foot.

GR 92-2: inlands GR 92: coast

The Chapel Trail

Distance: 19 km         

The Chapel Trail is a surprising itinerary on foot that will unravel Lloret de Mar's modernist heritage, hidden between the typical Mediterranean forests of cork oaks. It is a good way to get to know the varied landscape that surrounds Lloret de Mar, as it also runs along the coastline and through the beautiful coves of the Costa Brava. 

The Chapel Trail

Lloret de Mar's Rutas de Mar

The Vies Braves is a public network of marine itineraries in open waters desgigned for sports leisure and educational activities. These itineraries offer a safe way to enjoy swimming in open sea waters. Discover all activities planned throughout the summer: from guided swimming and snorkelling sessions to eco-swimming and competitions.

Vies Braves

Ruta de Mar Lloret - Santa Cristina

Lloret de Mar has 2 Rutas de Mar: one is 1.3 km long, from Lloret to Fenals beach, and the second is 1.2km long, from Fenals beach to Santa Cristina. Both are of medium difficulty and are open from June to October. These Rutas de Mar are ideal for open water swimming and snorkelling.

Services for athletes at Hotel Rosamar Es Blau

Hotel Rosamar Es Blau has facilities adapted to all kind of athletes and sports enthusiasts especially those who want to enjoy Lloret de Mar by bike, hiking or swimming.

Our hotel, which offers 4-star services, is fully prepared so your active holidays of hiking, cycling or swimming in open water are complete and you do not miss anything. 

Cages for bicycles

The most important thing on your bike holiday is, precisely, your bicycle. That's why at Hotel Rosamar Es Blau you can safely store your bicycle in a cage in our garage. The cages are locked and accessible 24 hours a day.

Bicycle repair station

So that your bike is always ready, Hotel Rosamar Es Blau has a small repair station available for you to wash, repair or maintain your bike comfortably as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

Bicycle rental and spare parts

If you prefer to travel light, we collaborate with companies specialized in cycling tourism in Lloret de Mar to offer you bike rentals according to your needs: MTB, road bikes, electric bikes... And for any unexpected events, you can also purchase spare parts.

Route information

And if you need more information about any of the routes, ask us! We know the area perfectly, and we will provide you with route information according to your level and needs. We can also provide you with topographical maps of the region.

Special menus for athletes

Not only do we care about your rest, but we also want you to eat well during your days of physical exercise. Ask us about our healthy and energetic menus designed for athletes and sports practitioners. 

Sports massages

The hotel has a spa and massage centre, the Vitality Spa, where you can unwind after doing some exercise. In addition, the centre's specialised physiotherapists will take care of you with a suggestion of relaxing massages to loosen up your muscles.