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Activities to do with children during school holidays

Activities to do with children during school holidays

17.06.2021 Family activities

June arrives and with it the school holidays begin. If you are looking to spend more time with your children, but you do not know what to do, we suggest some plans to take advantage of these family vacations.


1. Play sports

It is essential to raise children aware from a very young age about how important is to practice sports throughout the year and not only during the school year. The practice of sport improves self-esteem, concentration, health and even rest, which is why it is so important for everyone and especially for children.


1.1. Water activities

We all want to be underwater when temperatures rise in summer, so water activities are always a hit.

One option to enjoy doing sports in the water is kayaking. It can be for a single person or for a couple and can be done in the sea, in a river or in a lake. It is a perfect practice to see the landscape.

Paddle surfing, like kayaking, can be practiced on a multitude water surfaces. If you still do not know this sport, it consists of standing on a surfboard using a paddle to slide on the water. To work on balance and stability.

Another option for sports in the water is snorkeling. This sport consists of observing the seabed from the water surface using diving goggles, a tube and foot fins. It can be done almost anywhere at an affordable price.

A variant for older children to enjoy the seabed is scuba diving. Economically it is more expensive but allows a closer look at the marine fauna and flora.


1.2. Bicycle routes

In summer days are longer than during the rest of the year and that must be taken advantage of. A perfect family activity to do is to take the bicycle and go for ride together. You can go for a route through the countryside or go for a ride around the city, whatever you like most.

If your children are not yet into riding a bike, we suggest you starting on wide paths or greenways where vehicles do not circulate. We also remind you that it is recommended not to go out during the sunniest hours, hydrate well and put a lot of sunscreen.


1.3. Hiking trails

If you rather to walk, the perfect activity for you and your children is hiking. This simple sport is perfect for leading an active life and can be done on trails, rural roads, greenways, among others.

Children love discovering new places and being in contact with nature. In addition, there is no better time to instill in them values such as respect for nature and the environment.

And if you have been wanting more, we encourage you to look the routes to discover Lloret de Mar that we propose in our Wikiloc.


2. Make crafts

Drawing, painting, cutting out, pasting... Crafts are one of the favourite hobbies of many children. These types of activities help stimulate their imagination and creativity, while learning and having fun.

There are crafts for all ages, on very different themes and to make with all kinds of materials. Next, we suggest some to do with your children:



3. Cook

Children love learning new things and cooking is an activity they see doing at home every day. Cooking helps children become familiar with food, stimulate their senses, improve manual skills, and enhance their autonomy, among many other benefits.

Cooking workshops are perfect for children to take their first steps in the kitchen and learn to eat healthy. If this option does not convince you, you can also follow the recipe that you like and cook it at home.


4. Rediscover board games

In summer there is always some rainy afternoon that prevents outdoor activities, therefore, the infallible option for those days when it is impossible to leave the house are board games.

From the most classic such as Parcheesi or Monopoly, to the newest, such as Catan Junior or Virus. Board games help our children's capacity development, teaching them to solve problems, develop strategies and make decisions.

If you have not had enough, we encourage you to read our article Fun activities to do at home with your kids, where we suggest more activities.


5. Hotels to enjoy a family holidays

This summer, plan a family holidays in Lloret de Mar with Rosamar Hotels.

The Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort has four swimming pools, a slides area and water attractions and a sports area with facilities for basketball, mini-football, fitness, petanque and mini golf. In addition, it has an agenda of activities for children, adults and nightlife.



The Hotel Rosamar & Spa, located on the beachfront and five minutes from the center of Lloret de Mar, has a swimming pool with slides for children, a swimming pool for adults and a fitness area. With entertainment and children's activities for the little ones and leisure activities for adults.


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