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Celebrate Sant Joan (Saint John's Eve) in Lloret de Mar

Celebrate Sant Joan (Saint John's Eve) in Lloret de Mar

23.06.2021 Local festivities

The night of June 23rd is celebrated Sant Joan (St John Eve), one of the most popular festivals in Catalonia. The bonfires in the squares, the beach, and the use of pyrotechnic materials such as firecrackers and fireworks are the leads of this festivity. Read on to find out all you can do this year during the night of Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar.


1. Recomendations

Despite the normality is starting to come back and security measures have slowed in Catalonia, during the Sant Joan festivity it is especially important to extreme caution.

For this reason, Catalonia Civil Protection has published a safety guideline that must be followed during that night, in order to avoid the spread of covid-19 and accidents caused by misuse of pyrotechnic material.

On the one hand, they urge to avoid crowds in uncontrolled spaces and unorganized activities. They also recommend celebrating the party in small friends and family groups, keep a physical distance, use a mask and following the usual hygienic measures to prevent infections. This Sant Joan you can also buy firecrackers online and pick them up at the store by appointment.

On the other hand, besides the usual recommendations about the use of pyrotechnic materials (such as buying the products in authorized establishments, not endangering the physical integrity of anyone and not use this type of material in places with vegetation), a couple of recommendations that are related to the pandemic.

This Sant Joan is especially important to remember that you should not use hydroalcoholic gel if you want to manipulate pyrotechnics, as it is flammable. It is recommended to use cotton masks instead of surgical ones, which are made of paper and polypropylene, which are not suitable materials when combined with the magnesium from pyrotechnics.


2. Safety measures

Nowadays dinners and social gatherings in public spaces are still restricted in authorized spaces, although there is the possibility city councils may open new spaces.

In both cases, the groups cannot exceed 10 people and the safety distance of one and a half meters must be maintained. The catering establishments will have to comply with the current opening hours (until 1 in the morning).

Civil Protection recommends only authorized “foguerons” to minimize the number of attendees (groups of maximum 20 people).


3. Sant Joan (Saint John's Eve) in Lloret de Mar

In Lloret de Mar, on June 23rd, the events will be held in a reduced format, respecting current security measures.

In the afternoon, at 7pm a group of cyclists will take the Flama del Canigó (brought from the Pyrenees) to the Plaza de la Vila. There will be a welcome institutional act by the local authorities, where a small manifesto will be read.

For health reasons this year there will not be the usual bonfire on the beach nor be shared the traditional Sant Joan cake among the attendees.

The beach regulations in Lloret de Mar do not allow bonfires or people drinking alcohol in the beach. Neither the concentration of a large group of people is allowed on the beach, currently is limited to groups of ten.


4. Accommodation in Lloret de Mar

If you want to celebrate this Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar, come to Rosamar Hotels. The Rosamar Maxim Hotel and the Rosamar Es Blau Hotel, have a perfect location to spend Sant Joan near the beach.

If you are still not sure which hotel suits you best, you will be interested to know Rosamar Hotels already has a chatbot, a virtual assistant to assist you and help you to plan your holidays and will provide all the information about our hotels, in order to make your holidays a tailor-made experience.

Take advantage of the long weekend of this year for Sant Joan and take a few days off with your loved ones in Lloret de Mar.

From Rosamar Hotels we wish you a happy Sant Joan festivity!

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