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Do you want to surprise your partner? Get inspired with Rosamar Hotels for Valentine's Day!

Do you want to surprise your partner? Get inspired with Rosamar Hotels for Valentine's Day!

13.02.2018 Adults only

Special dates such as Valentine's day, we think of our partner, this special person who is by our side and who gives us happiness, difficult to explain with words.

Some people say it's a day to think of our relationships and remind our partner how much we love him or her, whether with a gift or a surprise. But ... what can impress him or her?

We live in a such fast mode that it isn’t always easy to plan these kind of details in time. Work, children, home ... Some obligations that make our day shorter.

From Rosamar Hotels we want to inspire you with some ideas to surprise your partner for Valentine's Day. And of course, to enjoy this special date as you deserve! As you both deserve ;)

- Remember your best moments

Today, we take more photos than ever. Taking the phone everywhere, makes us want to immortalize all those situations that are unique.

We have so much audiovisual material that we sometimes keep it in the computer and forget about it. Do not let this happen and choose the best photos of you and your partner, print them or edit them with a video to remember your holidays and there you have a gift for Valentine's Day. You´ll see how much you’ll love to revive these moments!

- Write down how you feel

If you are one of the people who express yourself better in writing and have time to do so, prepare a letter for your partner. It should not be too long. You can have the extension that you consider good. What's more important is that you find the right words and the right sentences, so that when you read, you immerse yourself in the depths of your thoughts.

- Printing with a gift to your partner

If it is important for you to buy a little gift, take the opportunity to give it in an original way.

We say that we never stop being children, we like to find hidden treasures. Would you like to leave a surprise somewhere at home where your partner wasn’t expecting?

Without a doubt, if you have some ideas for Valentine's Day, a good option would be a massage or a beauty treatment that you can have at the Hotel Rosamar & SPA, given by specialists at the Ebano Beauty Center.

Indeed, you will find original body care! Have you ever heard of peach skin therapy, gold, cocoa, grapes or pearls? ;)

*Get inspired with our massage and treatment ideas, in addition to the available offers and rates we have, by clicking here.

- Organize a weekend getaway

Stopping the routine and enjoying a short but intense holiday can be the best way to surprise our partner. And the Costa Brava is a perfect destination for these occasions!

In Lloret de Mar, you can stroll along the sea, enjoy a gastronomic experience and visit emblematic spaces. And at the Hotel Rosamar Maxim - Adults Only, which is reserved for people over 18, you will find the perfect accommodation for this romanticism. You can use the covered or outdoor pool depending on the season, read a book with tranquility on an elevated terrace and with panoramic views ... And all, thanks to the unbeatable location it has! Did you know that it is located by the sea? ;)

- Plan an outing in charming corners

Get ready and surprise your partner with a whole planned trip. One of the things that makes us feel more special is when someone organizes something thinking of us.

Some of the charming corners of Lloret de Mar are, without a doubt; Castle en Plaja, which you can discover walking along the promenade, the Chapel of Sants Metges, characterized by its white color or the Gardens of Santa Clotilde, for a walk with awesome sea views.

If you want to plan a getaway to Lloret de Mar and do not want to miss the most essential places, we recommend you to read the blog article "What you can not miss if you come to Lloret de Mar". And if you like the hiking trails, you can not miss the article "Routes to discover Lloret de Mar".

Don’t be fooled: the details matter! Even more if they are prepared with love and delicacy. In Rosamar Hotels, we have all the ingredients to surprise your partner and have an unforgettable romantic getaway in Lloret de Mar!

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