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10 gifts for a traveler on Valentine's Day

10 gifts for a traveler on Valentine's Day

02.02.2023 Adults only

If your partner is passionate about traveling and you want to give them a special gift as Valentine's Day approaches, keep reading because in this post you will find 10 gift ideas to give your partner on this day.

1. Stainless steel bottle

If you are looking for a simple gift to give someone who likes to travel, it is a stainless steel bottle. In addition to being cheaper than disposable plastic bottles and avoiding exposure to toxic substances, with this gift you will contribute to reducing plastic and carbon footprint. To make it more personal, you can engrave your initials on the bottle so that whenever your partner sees it, he/she thinks of you.


2. Universal adapter

It is a perfect gift in case you need to use electronic devices wherever you are. If your partner frequently travels to countries with different types of plugs, a universal adapter will allow him/her to adapt to any electrical outlet. We know, it is not the most romantic gift in the world, but it is a very useful gift for any traveler!


3. Digital camera

An ideal gift for your partner on Valentine's Day is a digital camera, so you can continue capturing moments together. Nowadays, you have a wide variety of options according to your budget. You can opt for a more professional camera, like Canon and Nikon brands, or a smaller waterproof camera, like a GoPro.

travel photo camera


4. Analog camera

Analog disposable or instant cameras, such as Polaroid, have become very fashionable these days. Although the quality is clearly inferior to professional cameras, they are a cheaper and easier to use. In addition, you can have the photographs in physical format instead of digital.


5. Portable charger

Portable chargers are perfect for use anytime and anywhere, making them one of the most practical gifts to give someone who spends a lot of time away on vacation and needs to keep their devices always charged. Additionally, external batteries in general tend to be more efficient than conventional plugs, as they charge much faster.


6. Travel guide

If you are going on a trip together, one of the best gifts to give your partner is a travel guide to the place you are going to. Take a look at the Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Marco Polo or Time Out guides and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Another more original option is to make your own travel guide. In it you can include the main places to see, restaurants to eat, places to have a drink and activities to do at the destination.

couple with a map trip


7. A travel suitcase

A travel suitcase is one of the most useful gifts you can give any traveler. If your partner has in mind to go on a backpacking trip soon, you can also choose to give him a travel backpack. To personalize this gift, you can add a suitcase tag with a nice message or a photo of yourself.


8. AirTag

If your partner constantly has problems locating their belongings, with this gift you will put an end to their worries. The AirTag will help you know where your things are. Its operation is simple, it is placed on any object (for example, in a travel suitcase) and it can be found by making it ring or through a mobile application in case it is further away. One of the most innovative gifts!


9. Tourist pass

If you are planning a getaway together, you can give your partner a tourist pass. With this gift, you will be able to visit different tourist places at a cheaper price than if you bought the tickets individually, as well as saving you long lines to buy the tickets physically.


10. Romantic getaway to the Costa Brava

Without a doubt, the best gift for a traveler on Valentine's Day is a romantic getaway as a couple. If you are looking for the perfect hotel, take a look at Rosamar Hotelsadults only hotels in Lloret de Mar, on the Costa Brava (Spain).

Hotel Rosamar Es Blau Adults Only +21 is located just 100 meters from Lloret de Mar beach. It has a wellness center (free for customers who book through our website) with an indoor heated pool, sauna, Hammam, hydromassage pool and relaxation area with thermal loungers and showers.

Hotel Rosamar Maxim Adults Only +21 is located in front of the Sa Caleta beach, in Lloret de Mar, one of the most romantic places in town. The hotel has a swimming pool (covered and heated in low season), sauna and gym and the rooms have spectacular views of the Costa Brava.

If you still don't know when you can travel, you can buy the Rosamar Plus gift card. With this card, you can easily book your trip without a date, and you will have up to a year to choose when to travel.

spa Hotel Rosamar Es Blau Adults Only +21


If you want more ideas on gifts for travelers, you can consult our post on gifts for a traveler. And if you prefer to give an experience as a gift, you can also visit at our post on original experiences to share with your partner on Valentine's Day.

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