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Typical gifts from the Costa Brava

Typical gifts from the Costa Brava

24.11.2022 Family activities Culture

If you are going to travel to the Costa Brava and want to bring a gift or detail to your family, partner or friends, you are in luck. This coastal geographical area has a multitude of gastronomic and artisan products perfect to succeed in any home.



In the Empordà region there are still some municipalities where a large number of artisans with different specializations are concentrated. The town of La Bisbal d'Empordà is one of them and has been closely linked to the ceramics trade for centuries.

La Bisbal d'Empordà differs from other ceramic producing centers due to the diversification of its production, with pottery items, decorative ceramics and also applied to construction. If you visit the north of the Costa Brava, don't miss the opportunity to take home a souvenir ceramic piece.


Baskets and carrycots

Another of the traditional trades that are still alive on the Costa Brava is the making of baskets and carrycots. These pieces are handmade with vegetable fibers such as wicker, palm, reed or cane. In addition to baskets, you can also find sculptures, furniture or decorative elements of all kinds. It is worth visiting a store where this type of craft products are sold before returning home.

Baskets and carrycots


Anchovies from l'Escala

The most popular product from the coastal town of l'Escala, in Alt Empordà, are anchovies. On the Costa Brava there are different companies dedicated to preserving these salted anchovies, a technique introduced by the Greek and Roman colonies, which settled in the area thousands of years ago.

The best way to eat them is as an appetizer. To do this, you have to debone them and wash them in water to remove excess salt and then dress the fillets with a little virgin olive oil. They can also be used as a seasoning for some dishes, such as salads or pastas.


Rice from Pals

Another high-quality gastronomic product is rice from the town of Pals, in Alt Empordà. The climate of the area, together with the confluence of the fresh waters of the River Ter and the Mediterranean Sea, favors slower maturation. The best-known varieties of this rice are the bay, the bomba, the carnaroli and the nembo. It is a perfect rice to make in the casserole, although it can also be eaten soupy.

Take a look at our post about products from the Costa Brava to get more information about these and other typical gastronomic products from the north of the Catalan coast.


DO Empordà wine

A perfect gift to take to any lunch or dinner at someone's house is a wine from the Designation of Origin (DO) Empordà. Thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea and the heterogeneity of its soils, Ampurdán boasts privileged geoclimatic conditions for making red, white and rosé wines. The red wine varieties that dominate the area are Cariñena or Samsó and Garnacha tinta, while the white wine varieties that dominate are Garnacha blanca and tinta and Macabeo.

DO Empordà wine



Along with wine, one of the alcoholic beverages that you should take with you on your getaway to the Costa Brava is ratafia. This liqueur, made with fruits, medicinal herbs, roots, bones and spices in brandy, is especially taken as an aperitif or with dessert at Christmas lunches and dinners in Catalan houses.

It is an especially popular drink in the region of La Selva, where Lloret de Mar is located. The capital of the region, the town of Santa Coloma de Farners, holds its own ratafia fair every November, where you can find different ratafia made in the zone.



If you happen to visit the Costa Brava in autumn, one of the seasonal sweets that you will find in most pastry shops, fringes and supermarkets are panellets. This sweet made with a marzipan base and covered with pine nuts is a perfect detail to bring to those with a sweet tooth. Of course, if you are lucky enough to find it during the last weeks of October and the first weeks of November, which is when it is eaten.


Hotels on the Costa Brava

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Hotel Rosamar Es Blau Lloret de Mar
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