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The Fair of the Americans returns in Lloret de Mar

The Fair of the Americans returns in Lloret de Mar

25.05.2023 Local festivities Culture

The population of Lloret de Mar has inherited an important historical, cultural and social legacy from the Indianos, people from Lloret who left for the Americas and returned with great fortune. On June 16, 17 and 18, the Fair of the Americans will be held in Lloret de Mar, dedicated to the Indian past of the town of Lloret de Mar.

This activity is organized by the Department of Economic Promotion of the Lloret de Mar City Council and included in the programming of the Capital of Catalan Culture Lloret 2023.

house americanos Lloret de Mar


Who were the Americans?

At the end of the 18th century, a good part of the population of Lloret de Mar began to emigrate to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina in search of new opportunities. These inhabitants of Lloret de Mar, called “Indianos” or “Americanos” (Americans), lived and worked for years without losing contact with their families.

Some returned to Lloret de Mar with the fortune they had come looking for. With that wealth, they built different mansions on the seafront and even contributed to an urban transformation of the population.

If you want to know which buildings in Lloret de Mar have an Indian footprint, visit our post on Lloret de Mar's Indian past.


What to do at the Fair of the Americans?

At the Fair of the Americans, located on Passeig Jacint Verdaguer, just in front of the town hall and the large beach of Lloret de Mar, you can enjoy all kinds of activities for adults and children.

You will find demonstrations of trades from the Indian period, craft markets, theater entertainment, concerts, exhibitions of overseas products, guided tours where you can discover the artistic heritage inherited from the Indians, rum tastings and daiquiri workshops.

A unique opportunity to discover the history and Indian culture of Lloret de Mar!

ron drink americanos


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